Twice as Nice: shawls in beach colours

I bought these shawls in two colours. One is sandy beige that I wore over black and added turquoise jewellery.

This sea-breeze blue one worn over white makes a totally different look. My tank top has fake pearls, so I went a little crazy and added more pearl jewellery.

Both colours remind me of the beach.

We made a last minute decision to go to the beach on a sizzling hot afternoon this week, only to arrive when it started to rain. It was too windy and drizzly for photos on the beach.

Every time we go to Port Dover I get sidetracked with a little shopping, in fact, the necklace I’m wearing with the beige shawl is from Grand Trunk Station purchased last time we were in Port Dover. Grand Trunk Station has lovely beach decor for a lake house, cottage and home.

Happy Friday!

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ carmen


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21 Responses to Twice as Nice: shawls in beach colours

  1. Carmen, these airy shawls are so delightful. I bet they flutter when it’s breezy. I love your co-blogger today- Is she or he yours?

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  2. I think you are now–have been for some time–my favorite fashion blogger! Cats, little dogs and the fashion poets…flock to your side! 🙂 Can’t read very well tonight—must be from too much of my wife’s 64 th birthday cake! Was that a gift shop near the beach…or a collection of yours for atmosphere? Really nice pose among the willows, too! as are they all. 😀

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    • carmen says:

      What a kind thing to say! I love willow trees and have taken some photos there before. That was a gift shop at the beach with unique gifts and souvenirs. Birthday blessings to your wife! 🙂


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      • I should have guessed it was a gift shop. boy, haven’t actually been in one for…years! 😦 She had a good one—and we both got to church yesterday…with a special time of healing and prayer for her after service. James 5: 14-16

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  3. Wonderful and sensational❤️

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  4. Such gorgeous shawls on you! They are a fun accessory to any outfit and the beige and black with turquoise jewellery looks so good! My favorite though is the Sea breeze blue with the pearl embellished top. Such a beautiful outfit for the beach or just browsing in the shops! Thanks for sharing, hugs, Terri xo.

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  5. Very pretty I love the blue one the most.

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  6. utesmile says:

    those shawls look classy and make your outfit so chic. Oh Carmen I love a shop like this. You always find something! …I thought first you have a dog….then I saw what sort of dog it is, 🙂 like that!

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  7. josep-maria says:

    These shawls are really beautiful and, obviously, dressed for you, they are even more! They are beautiful on the whole black and also on the whole white, although my favorite is the all white, for that wonderful shirt, for the color of the shawl and why, the all white is you, is your definition … the light, the beauty, sincerity, perfection! And who is this little friend who is with you today? I forgot … you’re beautiful with your hair collected!

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you so much! The blue shawl with white is also my favourite! I’m glad you like my hairdo, I often wear it up when it’s hot. My little dog is Frankie, he is very well trained and doesn’t run away. 🙂



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