Red and Black

red coat and beret

You don’t have to be rich to be well dressed! Thrifting can make you look like a million dollars for under $20. I prefer thrifting than buying new cheap clothes. With the money saved you can buy quality clothes. My daughter taught me that.

Thrifted Coat and Beret

What a great find: like-new Jones New York coat has an elegant vintage vibe with black velvet collar and little velvet covered buttons. $10. Cha-ching!

red coat and beret 2My new-to-me thrifted beret happens to match beautifully. $5. It has a black faux fur trim so I sometimes wear a faux fur scarf with it.

red coat and beret 3red coat and beret 4beret

With the money saved, I bought top quality bamboo tights from my daughter’s eco-boutique–DRIZZLE and SHINE. Not only are they supper soft and comfortable but also eco fashion.

What a coincidence that my outfit just happens to match my vintage doll from the 1960s.


I love two-toned outfits. In my previous post I showed burgundy and black and my next post will be black and white.

What do you like wearing with RED?



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23 Responses to Red and Black

  1. Exactly – style is not about money, but ideas. Absolutely adore your coat and the hat is so pretty. Hahahah the doll 🙂 soooo sweet . You both look stunning 🙂 . Easter kisses – Margot :)))

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  2. I’ve just started thrifting. So far my best find is a J. Crew blazer I’ve been wearing every where now it’s warmed up a bit. Your red coat and beret are adorable. I’m getting a “That Girl” vibe from this outfit.

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    • carmen says:

      What a lovely compliment dear! I loved watching that show! Anne Marie (Marlo Thomas) wore charming outfits and undoubtedly influenced my style! She’s a classic for sure!

      So glad you found a J. Crew blazer. Happy thrifting! 🙂

      Thank you so much for stopping by!


  3. A Wanderer’s Journey says:

    I love to pair red with black too and sometimes with blue but only with jeans. Red and black to me is more elegant and you have proved it. You look very elegant! Love your outfit!

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  4. selinasinspiration says:

    Wow that red coat looks incredibly and especially with the snow!! Can’t wait to see your next black and white outfit ♡

    Selina | Selina’s Inspiration

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  5. Gemma says:

    It’s a lovely outfit! Red looks great on you.

    Gemma x

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  6. You always look lovely in anything, Carment. But I like this outfit a lot. And what a big, pretty doll you have. 🙂

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  7. josep-maria says:

    What a beautiful and delicate look! Red, with white and turquoise, are your magic colors. The coat is very elegant and the whole outfit, with the beret, gives off balance and delicacy. Magnificent the collar of false skin and also the chromatism of the black and red set, two colors of success when they go together. What fun your photo with the vintage doll! You are an authentic doll, the most beautiful of dolls, and, of course, you are not vintage, you are the most modern version of beauty.

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  8. Hi Carmen, how is it possible your red coat sold for $10! It is gorgeous on you, the beret looks cute too and finishing off with the scarf and tights make you one classy lady! I love the mini me doll, she is giving you a run for your money in the style department. Take care Dear , hugs, Terri ❤

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    • carmen says:

      Thanks so much Terri! I was pleasantly surprised to see the price tag, it was lower than I expected, especially since the coat looks like it’s never been worn. I love the fabric which is non-wool, very comfortable!

      ❤ carmen

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  9. utesmile says:

    Looks great, you have great thrift shops, when you find such gems! What a bargain and what a super outfit!

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  10. Jodie says:

    I love that your vintage doll is dressed like a mini you!!
    I have some of those tights from Drizzle and Shine—they are so warm and wonderful!!
    PS…I keep meaning to ask if you ever received that top I sent to your daughter??

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    • carmen says:

      It was really a coincidence, I didn’t try to find a matching coat but when I realized we were dressed the same I thought it would be a fun photo. I wasn’t sure if I should show her on my blog because people might think I’m a crazy doll collector. Actually, I’m a crazy teddy bear collector. I only have a few dolls. I had a doll exactly like this when I was a child, and this one was a gift from my husband for Christmas.

      Jean told me the top arrived but she was saving it for my visit. Since my trip is postponed indefinitely she is going to mail it to me. Thank you ever so much Jodie! That is very sweet of you. I am looking forward to it and will be sure to do a post with the top and include a photo of you wearing it. 🙂

      ❤ carmen


  11. Even in the frigid cold you can warm your surroundings. Gorgeous Carmen

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