Once Upon a Summer

My mom and grandmother took my brother and me to the CNE in Toronto when we were young. That was my first time in this huge amusement park, no pictures but lots of fond memories. Since then, I’ve had numerous adventures there and on this occasion I went with my oldest son and his family (my grandchildren) and visitors from Germany.

I wore a yellow tee and white capris, simple and summery.


The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE, also simply called The EX) is an annual event in Toronto, during the last three weeks of August, always ending on Labour Day. It kinda wraps up the summer holidays, as school and work starts again, even though it’s still summer on the calendar.

Besides midway rides there’s lots to do and shop and see. Entertainment everywhere all throughout the day. We stopped to listen to a jazz performance on a sidewalk cafe setting. Music makes me feel like dancing, so I did and to my surprise, Enrico Galante gifted me with his CD It’s Never Too Late For Sax. It felt like I was back in my Go-Go days!


The sand castles …

carmensand castle 1sand castle 2sand castles

Rock balancing …

rocksrock balancing

All part of a fun day with memories to last a lifetime.

Thinking of summer gives me hope that it will return again.

What’s your favourite amusement park?



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14 Responses to Once Upon a Summer

  1. Hi Carmen, how fun for you to go back to the same park you went to as a girl, and the chance to relive good memories! What a nice gift from the jazz musician, no doubt he appreciated your dance moves! The sand castles are amazing and I would be scared if I was where that man is beside them rocks , but he is obviously very talented! I need to compliment you , not just on your cute yellow tee and capri’s , but your figure is awesome, one can tell you look after yourself and eat healthy. I like the amusement park attached to the St. Paul zoo, its fun and not too big. Have a lovely weekend Dear, hugs, Terri xo.

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  2. josep-maria says:

    The queen of Capri in all its splendor! The queen of Capri in her favorite time, summer! The queen of Capri with white capris, her favorite color! My God, Carmen, how beautiful you look in simplicity, in the basics, in the most natural. Your capris, your shirt and your sandals, what a wonderful woman needs most to show how much she is? You look beautiful, your smile shines in the exhibition and your figure stands out above any work of art. The photo with your sunglasses and the sand castles in the background is simply marvelous.

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  3. utesmile says:

    That looks like fun, I have never encountered rock balancing, looks fun but rather difficult. Harder than Jenga even!

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  4. Great photos, stunning smile

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  5. Jodie says:

    What a fun time!!! I’ve never seen rock balancing like that….it’s amazing!!
    We always went to Cedar Point when I was growing up!! It certainly brings back fabulous memories!!

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    • carmen says:

      The rock balancing was phenomenal! Looks like we all have memories of amusement parks and summer fairs Jodie. Kids of all ages gather for fun and excitement. Was that in Ohio?

      Thanks for stopping by!
      ❤ carmen


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