How to beat the Winter blues – C’mon Get Happy!

When I’m happy, I do my happy dance.

When I’m blue, I put on my dancin’ shoes and dance away my blues!

I love to dance. I can escape reality while I’m dancing and forget about my troubles. Some people drink, some take drugs; I’d rather dance: no hangovers, no dangerous side affects.

In fact, it’s a very healthy activity for heart and bones and soul. Dancing helps keep us youthful.

I’ve been called the Dancing Queen because I teach dance. I love getting all dolled up for parties and special events.


We had fun taking our dance students to the Winter Whirl Ballroom Dance in February. Great way to beat the winter blues!


Here’s how my grandchildren beat the winter blues.

Staying active is important for any age and dancing is a great way to enjoy the benefits of a healthy life-style.

Dance does a body good! and here’s why I love to dance … ❤️

 ♥ Dance is good for the heart, lungs, muscles, bones, joints and brain.

 ♥ Dance improves strength, stamina and flexibility.

 ♥ Dance helps to have good posture and coordination.

 ♥ Dance can reduce stress.

 ♥ Dance builds confidence and skills.

 ♥ Dance provides opportunities to meet some wonderful people and     make new friends.

 ♥ Dance is a language anyone can learn.

 ♥ Dancing is FUN!


I hope you dance!

A merry heart does good like medicine.




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13 Responses to How to beat the Winter blues – C’mon Get Happy!

  1. Oh What a lovely look. This pale pink and black, a perfect combination. I love your skirt – the colours are sooo pretty. And your pink coat – with this cute little handbag – Carmen you just look so beautiful. Dancing is also my hobby – I dance every Saturday – it’s my favourite day of the week and favourite time of the day. Kisses – Margot 🙂

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  2. josep-maria says:

    It is a wonderful option to be able to escape from the daily problems with dancing. That’s how you always look so wonderful! I love your skirt, that nice print, that nice design, that nice, feminine and elegant width. The skirt looks beautiful next to your sweet pink jacket, which is a beautiful garment. I know the black top with lace on top, you always look beautiful with it. I love your little bag, it’s cute! How many things improve with dancing … someday you’ll have to give me some lessons!

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you so much Josep-Maria! I am very happy to have such a wonderful occupation which I enjoy immensely and that keeps me healthy. It is an energetic and busy life-style to dance every day and to prepare for my lessons, but it is fun and I love helping people to stay fit and enjoy some pleasures in life! I am a certified fitness instructor and dance is one way of enjoying a healthy activity.

      Come dance with me!

      PS. Here is the vegan dinner some of us enjoyed …

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  3. Ralph says:

    ……….. and dancing keeps your feet warm in the winter 😉 ❤

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  4. utesmile says:

    I so whole heartily agree with you! Dancing is so much fun, keeps fit and is a total mood enhancer. You look all fabulous for the dance!

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  5. Excellent reasons!
    All you ladies match!
    My Mama gave me a little crystal cube that says that, about stumbling!

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  6. This reminds me of that song where it says to dance like no one is watching!!
    We used to dance when we were single and went to the clubs….but now where would we go? We need to come up with some dance halls!!

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    • carmen says:

      The type of dancing I enjoy is fun and wholesome, a wonderful collection of dances that can be enjoyed by the whole family. I teach dances from various countries, such a fun evening of fellowship, dances from Scotland, Ireland, Israel, Belgium, Greece and the Balkan – square dances and line dances and the Canadian Barn Dance.

      I also teach ballroom and social just for fun: Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive, Waltz etc.

      Dance for joy!


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