Pumpkin Orange: a warm autumnal colour

Orange was never a colour you’d see me wearing, that is until after I started blogging. Now I have various shades of orange in my wardrobe and the newest one is this lovely shade of pumpkin, a dress that I bought at Drizzle and Shine.


Jean looked gorgeous in her dress and I’m glad she still had my size!

jeanI wore mine on two special occasions. Jean told me ahead of time that there would be different people at both events.  And there’s no way she would wear her dress when I’m wearing mine.


What Jean wore–an elegant maxi dress that can be worn open as a duster.


The events were fundraisers for animals: with dinner, auction and silent auction.

Seattle Area Feline Rescue  Jean has three rescued cats. She won a radio interview with Danny Bonaduce (Partridge Family) KZOK-FM in Seattle.

Stepping’ Out for Farm Animals We enjoyed a delicious vegan dinner. I won a weekend at the Farm Sanctuary (Watkins Glen, New York).

Jean wore an elegant purple dress.

steppin-out-for-farm-animals steppin-out-for-farm-animals-2

I received a beautiful card from Gene Baur (president and co-founder).


I wore my dress several other times during September in Seattle, it’s the kind of dress I can wear to go shopping and not feel overdressed or to a restaurant and feel stylish.

Comfort + style–wins every time!


I wore it on our day trip to Edmonds, Washington.

jean-and-carmen-2 edmonds beach

Dancing with the Sheep


Shopping at Target. I bought some tea towels.


tea-towelThe best part is that it’s eco conscious made in USA–BLUE CANOE and makes me feel good about shopping. It is 100% organic cotton and I can wear it through fall and winter into spring. I’m wearing it for Thanksgiving.     

               Click here for the real meaning of Turkey Day.    


Happy Thanksgiving to my American family and friends!

❤ carmen




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Let’s make the world a better place with compassion. https://fashionableover50.wordpress.com/ https://www.instagram.com/4thejoyofit/?hl=pl
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21 Responses to Pumpkin Orange: a warm autumnal colour

  1. You both look lovely, but your pumpkin dress is just great on you. I really like the colour and the design. Jean has some impressive tatoos 😉 🙂 . I also like the towels you bought – the print is very so cute. Have a great week – Margot 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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  3. Luanne says:

    Hi Carmen,
    You look fabulous in the orange dress! In the last year I have also wanted to try new bright colours and so I bought an orange purse which I never would have bought before but now I love it and others do too. It’s great to try new colours!

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you very much Luanne! It’s fun to try new colours! It’s a colourful world and God has blessed us with a wonderful assortment of the rainbow to enjoy! Orange is warm and adds spice to a wardrobe. An orange purse adds a pop of colour to your outfit.

      ❤ carmen


  4. joni says:

    Hi Carmen!
    Love that dress on both of you. It’s a very flattering shape. I love Jean’s colors in her shop. I think I need another visit!
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday coming up,

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you so much Joni! I’m enjoying the clothes and all my things from Jean’s shop. This dress is one of my favourites and has so many happy memories of Seattle! I plan to visit again next year.

      Thanks for stopping by! Have a happy day!

      ❤ carmen


  5. Olga says:

    Adorable dress, suits you so well! And I love that photo of you two wearing same dress, so beautiful!

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  6. Ralph says:

    Happy Thanksgiving dear Carmen.
    Orange really suits you. I like orange, in fact my apartment soft furnishings are mainly orange and green. The orange is warming in the winter and green links with the outside.
    I hope you are having a fun weekend my friend. ❤ xxx

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    • carmen says:

      Thanks so much Ralph! I appreciate you saying that I suit orange because I never thought I did. Orange and green are lovely paired together, your colour scheme sounds tranquil. As you say–orange is warm and green links with the outside. God knew what He was doing when He created green grass and green trees! 🙂

      ❤ carmen

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      • Ralph says:

        What a lovely reply dear Carmen. It has been a very hot summer here. All the hillsides and scrubland were brown for months on end, yet after a couple of days of rain everything has turned green again. Nature is wonderful, isn’t it ? ❤

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  7. Thanks, Carmen! What a pretty, versatile dress! Why didn’t you ever wear orange before blogging?

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  8. josep-maria says:

    A beautiful dress, the pumpkin color. It looks perfect with your pumpkin-black look. I really like Jean’s purple dress, too.

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    • carmen says:

      Muchas gracias Josep-Maria! I’m glad you like the colour. It’s a pity I did not get the purple dress too, but there were so many beautiful things in Jean’s store. I will have more to show in the upcoming weeks.

      ❤ carmen


  9. utesmile says:

    That is a lovely dress Carmen. Jean has such beautiful clothes in her shop. Her long shirt dress is amazing too. Looks great on her. The pumpkin colour looks so lovely on you specially with black tights.

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    • carmen says:

      Thanks so much Ute! This dress was definitely one I wanted. Jean is the owner, manager and buyer of this cute shop and I like everything in the store. I’ve never been to a store where I actually love everything, so it was really hard to make choices. I was there on a day when a clothing salesperson came in and Jean chose the clothing for next season. It was an interesting experience.

      ❤ carmen

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      • utesmile says:

        I am sure this is very interesting… and you could see what your daughter chooses….nice. I am sure Jean loves her “job” very much, it sounds so much fun being in charge of your very own shop.

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