Monochromatic in shades of gray

Gray–one of my favourite neutrals.

gray top 1

This top is made to look like a lace top worn over a chiffon blouse with a ruffled hem–a layered look.

gray lace top

To keep these gray tones from being boring, I’ve added texture and floral patterned skinny jeans.

gray top 2

And silver metallic ballet flats …

Subzero temperatures outside and another gray day in January, but I’m keeping warm at the Butterfly Conservatory, enjoying the colourful butterflies fluttering about and the sparkling waterfall.


Butterfly ConservatoryI found this top in a thrift shop.

gray top 3

While on Facebook I noticed an ad with this same top!


They have a coffee shop as well, a lovely place to relax with a cup of herbal tea and a good friend!

life is like a sandwich



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20 Responses to Monochromatic in shades of gray

  1. wolkenbrecher says:

    This must be an angel .. ❤

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  2. dan says:

    Funny you found the same top on Facebook! It is wonderful and not boring at all! I find lace very nice on you and your top is also in a so soft gray colour !
    Beautiful place with waterfall …

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  3. ToryBri says:

    Great gray look. The combination of different gray shades and various textures all pairs very well together, I 😍 Love it 😍. And of course I also LOVE your silver metallic flats 😊

    Great look, thanks for sharing it with us.

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  4. Ileana says:

    You are so gracious in that gorgeous gray outfit! Love it!
    We visited that Butterfly Conservatory with our granddaughters last August and another one in Santa Cruz California three weeks ago 🙂
    Do we start our dance classes with you next week? I am looking forward to seeing you, my dear Carmen. I miss you.
    ❤️ Ileana

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    • carmen says:

      Hello my dear Ileana! I have missed you too and look forward to dance on Monday! Glad you have enjoyed time at the Butterfly Conservatory with your granddaughters and also recently in California. Thank you for your lovely comment!

      Warm wishes!!

      ❤ carmen


  5. Bob says:

    Coincidence again…… 3 or 4 days ago, I was wearing all gray…. today, it is gray slacks with black turtleneck.

    Your clothing is delicate. You appear as delicate as the butterflies.
    The Conservatory certainly provides escape for a few hours from our wintry environment. Brrr, it is cold outside.

    Your butterfly posts brings to mind the song “You butterfly”, Andy Williams, 1957. (It was 1967 before I clipped any wings…hahaha….

    🙂 ❤

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you so much Bob! Black and gray is a great combination, my next post is black and gray. We have similar fashion taste.

      Oh, I remember that song by Andy Williams! One of my mom’s favourite singers and I grew up hearing his LP records (remember those?) played on our stereo. Happy memories!

      The Butterfly Conservatory makes a pleasant escape on these cold winter days!

      Stay warm my friend!

      ❤ carmen


  6. ivanev says:

    Hi Carmen,
    I love your embroidered top and how well you matched with grey skinny jeans and your cute silver flats. Yesterday I was wearing a grey sweater with denim slim jeans and my TB Minnie travel silver flats, nice coincidence :).
    Grey it’s a great neutral color that is really easy to match. The weather is cold but our hearts are warm. Have a nice day !

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you very much Ivan! I knew you’d like my flats 🙂 they are non-leather and super comfy! I bought them in Old Navy, NYC last time I was there.

      It’s cold here, how’s the weather in your neck of the woods?

      ❤ carmen


      • ivanev says:

        How did you know that I’d like your flats ? lol..yes your cute flats look really comfy, Old Navy and Gap made nice comfortable flats, who can’t love their flats?
        I have very similar pair of bow silver flats from Sam Edelman that I love to wear in summer with a grey polo shirt and light blue jeans, and yes it’s is still cold here in my neck of woods haha not a lot of snow but cold, have a nice day !

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  7. Maggie says:

    Grey is one of my favourite colour too, it pretty much goes with any colour. Amazing that you are able to find such a nice and high fashion top in a thrift shop . Happy thrift shopping!

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  8. UByDesign says:

    What a great outfit presented by a great lady!

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  9. utesmile says:

    Looks beautiful!

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  10. simplygailg says:

    So funny, my post today is about grey on grey as well. There’s just something I love about an all grey outfit. You look great Carmen!

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