Gray Jacquard Sweatshirt–United Colors of Benetton

I don’t own a sweatshirt, that is until now. While shopping in Munich, I found a United Colors of Benetton store (we don’t have one anymore where I live) and tried on this gray mix jacquard sweatshirt.

jacquard sweatshirt

It’s comfortable and stylish–no frumpy clothes for me! That’s why I’ve stayed away from sweatshirts and jogging pants because they make me feel sloppy.

by the rock

One of my first walk in the woods this fall–before the leaves changed–was a perfect day to wear this casual outfit. I paired it with black cord leggings and wore red booties for a pop of colour.

Jacquard sweatshirt

These soft leggings are as comfortable as jogging pants but way more style. I’m looking for a gray pair of trousers now.

in the woods

“If you’re ever worried or upset, go through the woods with open eyes. And in every tree, in every shrub, in every creature and every flower, the Almighty God will reveal Himself to you and give you solace and strength.” From the movie Sissi (Empress Elisabeth of Austria). She lived near Munich and I had a wonderful time in Possenhofen by the Starnberger Sea where she grew up.


UPDATE I found a gray pair of jeans in my closet (they look bluish in the photos but they are actually gray).

gray jeansPhotos taken today, the last of the golden leaves in our forest.

close up

Here’s a link to order this sweatshirt online


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22 Responses to Gray Jacquard Sweatshirt–United Colors of Benetton

  1. Bob says:

    Hmmmm…I have several sweat shirts……I hope I have some that do not make me look frumpy. This sweat shirt of yours is certainly stylish. I certainly have enjoyed many walks in the woods seeing God’s handiwork.

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  2. You make a sweatshirt look good! I’ve nominated you for a Sisterhood of the World award.

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  3. Kally says:

    Glad I found your blog. You have very interesting posts! Keep on inspiring us!

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  4. ToryBri says:

    LOVE the sweatshirt. When I think of a sweatshirt I think of warm but boring. I don’t think of one amazing as yours with a great pattern. You look amazing as always and like those wonderful Autumn leaves.

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  5. utesmile says:

    I like that sweatshirt! Looks lovely and is nice and warm I guess now in Autumn!

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  6. Ralph says:

    Nice top my friend ! So what happened when you clicked your heels ? 😉 ❤

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  7. simplygailg says:

    I see the red booties!!! Very cute, and that sweatshirt looks great on you. 😊

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  8. Gemma says:

    Love the sweater Carmen. I would love it for me it has a gorgeous design. Gemma xx

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  9. ivanev says:

    Hi Carmen,
    I love your jacquard sweatshirt, it looks elegant and the pattern is very original and beautiful. I saw 2 movies of Rommy Schnider as the Empress Elisabeth of Austria and I love those films and how well the actress portrayed Empress Sissi, my Mom loves and has all the films from Empress Sissi because her great-grand mother used to live in Europe in the 1800’s and remembered the Empress for her kindness and elegance; she had the chance to meet her in one parade and she told all her memories to my Mom. Wonderful thoughts how nature can connects us with God and inner the pics of the forest ! Have a good day

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you so much dear Ivan! The pattern is what really got me sold on this sweatshirt.
      WOWZA! Your great great grandmother met the Empress! Thanks for sharing!
      Nature is God’s handywork and art! Always makes me happy to step into the woods for a walk when I’m not dancing 😉


      ❤ carmen


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