Munich: Oktoberfest

Munich (the capital of Bavaria) is the city with the largest Oktoberfest in the world. I live in Kitchener, Ontario (once called Berlin) which hosts the biggest Oktoberfest outside of Germany.


My first time in Munich this summer made a memorable impression on me: the amazing state of the art BMW museum (which I will take you inside on a future post) and the fascinating architectural attractions of both historic and modern buildings.

BMWmuseumMunichMunich 2MunichMuinichMunichMunichDSC03426Munich TowerGerman flag

Street musicians are amazing! Click on photo and watch them play!

street musiciansMarienplatz is the city centre since 1158. The pedestrian zone is buzzing with people and numerous restaurants and shops. Check out Jean’s post about the unique restaurant we went to in Munich (specially for cat lovers–you’ve never seen anything like it!! ❤ )

Non-leather Lederhosen.

green Lederhosendenim lederhosen

Oktoberfest in Canada starts on Thanksgiving weekend–harvest time, a time to thank God for the abundance of healthy food: every type of vegetable and all sorts of fruit! Here’s the turkey I’m going to serve this year. (I didn’t make this one in the photo, but here’s the one I made last year.)

veggie turkey

These photos of my Dirndl were taken today (not in Munich). I bought this outfit in Dinklesbühl in 1982.

Dirndlclose up

Love my ❤ pendant and earrings. The skirt has little red hearts embroidered on the hemline. I like the lacy knit of these knee socks and have them in different colours.

Happy Thanksgiving!! We are blessed!!

vegan Thanksgiving


Grüße aus München

Photos by Jean and carmen

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31 Responses to Munich: Oktoberfest

  1. Dave says:

    Hi! I’m going to Oktoberfest this year and have been struggling to find vegan lederhosen. The green pair that you posted here is exactly what I’m looking for, but I have no idea where to find something like this! Do you have any tips on where to find these?

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  2. Oh wow you’re wearing a dirndl! So cool! And oh yes summer looks lovely. I recognise some of the places in your pictures! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bob says:

    You are always so colour coordinated …the red rose bush is so complimentary to your Dirndl.
    Flower pots certainly add to the architectural features.

    Liked by 1 person

    • carmen says:

      Thank you for noticing, I do try to find beautiful backgrounds to compliment the outfits and something that will add interest to what I post. I always appreciate your comments. 🙂



  4. The photos are beautifully delightful! Your smile…brings smiles alive!

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  5. Jess says:

    I love the architecture. So detailed and amazing. This would be such a wonderful time and truly part of the culture. I love the Dirndl you are wearing, the checks and details on the skirt with the bold red.
    jess xx

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  6. sarah says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Your Gretel outfit is so cute ❤

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  7. ILEANA says:

    This is one of my favorite posts, because it is about Munchen – a beautiful city very close to my heart! I didn’t visit the BMW Museum even though it is in the neighborhood of the apartment in which my son lived almost 10 years ago… I’m waiting to share with us photos and memories related to this museum.
    You look so very nice in traditional German costume, my dear Carmen! Love it!
    ❤️ Ileana

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  8. Rebecca says:

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day Carmen – you look so adorable in the dirdnl!!


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  9. Ralph says:

    I absolutely love your traditional outfit Carmen. It’s so colourful ! 😀 ❤

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  10. The Hansel and Gretel details are enchanting!

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  11. Wonderful memories of Munich ❤

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  12. utesmile says:

    What a super turkey! And what a lovely dirndl, it suits you. I went into a Dirndl shop in Munich, looking for a Dirndl bra. they are really nice. Munich is so nice and we always have a Munich Day when I go to my sister. All the beautiful flowers on the windows… so lovely!

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  13. Violet says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Carmen! 🙂 You’re rocking that outfit!! 🙂 p.s. I remember that tower in Munich..went there oh so many years ago as a little girl. 🙂

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