Tübingen–a magical summer adventure in Germany!

Tübingen is an ancient city with a modern flair because it is a university town. (One out of three people living there is a student.) It feels like walking in the middle ages until I see students texting on their cell phones.

Tubingen 1Tubingen 3 Tubingen 2

Strolling along the lanes and narrow streets is like stepping into the pages of a storybook. The Neckar river flows through town and the Schwabian Alb mountains stand gloriously in the distance.


Jean and carmen

It’s almost difficult to think about shopping when I am surrounded by the charm of this city. My eyes are drawn to the peaks of the castle-like architecture, half-timbered buildings, window sills with flowers and old wooden doors. My mind is filled with wonder like a child watching their first fairy-tale movie.Tubingen

Tubingen 4Tubingen 5Tubingen 6I said ALMOST difficult to shop, but not impossible. I bought this top, first time wearing it today.

DSC04231close upDSC04237

Tübingen–a magical summer adventure!


❤ carmen

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16 Responses to Tübingen–a magical summer adventure in Germany!

  1. ILEANA says:

    Wow! Beautiful pics, as usual…Beautiful and charming old German city! I love Germany too. My first trip to Germany was in 1968, with a group of my university colleagues. We were invited by the Politechnic University in Munchen to visit their city and its surroundings (Bavarian Alps,etc). During the second trip, which was in 2006, my husband and I stayed in our son’s apartment in Munchen, and had the chance to visit Nurenberg too. Loved it!
    Now that you are back from your trip, I’d like to remind you about our plan to get together and enjoy the delicious vegan food offered by Rawlicious Restaurant in Belmont Village. Are you ready for that?
    ❤️ Ileana

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you for sharing your visits to Germany Ileana! I will be posting photos of München soon. I’ve been to Nuremberg years ago but not this time. It is famous for manufacturing handmade toys and they have an annual International Toy Fair “Spielwarenmesse” Do you have photos from your trips? I’d love to see them!

      Looking forward to Thursday at Rawlicious! YUM! 🙂
      See you soon!

      ❤ carmen


  2. Bob says:

    I see bicycles in several of the photos…..so sensible for getting around…..good for mind, body and soul…..good for the environment. Can bicyclists pedal through the pedestrian areas?

    We, too, have a river running through town.The boat looks like a gondola, maybe, in the river photo. We, instead, have kayaks,sculling boats, and canoes. Years ago, I sailed on the river with my small centre-boarder. I could not sail very far from River Bluffs Park…..an overhead wire upstream and a dam downstream!!!

    As always, you and Jean elegantly enhance the photos. Perhaps, you’ll post more photos of Jean, with or without you.
    I am intrigued by the photo in which you look, I think, pensive.
    😀 ❤

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  3. utesmile says:

    Carmen , so nice to see my Tuebingen, knowing all the streets there. Was there for 3 years in my early twenties and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am from the town 10 minutes away from it – ‘Reutlingen’. Tuebingen is a beautiful town and has not changed much. The houses with the wooden beams are so sweet and cosy inside too. I loved visiting friends there. With all the students it is always buzzing with life! I am so happy you love it and could see it all!

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  4. Ralph says:

    I agree with Melinda, “Gorgeous architecture !”, the buildings as well ! 🙄 ❤

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  5. Joni James says:

    I’d love to go to Germany some day. The architecture is gorgeous and I also love the stone streets. Something we have very little of here in Seattle. They just keep covering up and tearing down all the old things.
    Love those boots!

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    • carmen says:

      You’ll love it Joni! Bring money, you’ll find so much to buy. Oh, I forgot, you’re a minimalist now, right? In that case you can just enjoy the scenery and take in all the sights and festivities! Sometimes I wish I was a minimalist, but not too often 😉

      ❤ carmen


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