Detour through Elora, Ontario

Once a month, I lead a Ceili-style dance, which includes Irish and Scottish country dances, as well as other fun dances from around the world. These dances are usually held in various small towns around southern Ontario.


While on the way to the dance in the little village of Alma, we took a detour through the charming town of Elora and enjoyed a beautiful July afternoon. There are antique shops to browse through …

Antique shop

and unique clothing boutiques …


vintage shops (too late, this one is closed) …

vintage shopIMG_0090

My kerchief skirt is thrifted ($5.00) it’s light and twirls when I dance.

handkerchief skirt

There was not enough time to do everything so I’ll be back with part two.

Time to dance, but first a “ride” on the old train.

locomotive We danced till midnight.

dance in the moonlightlove carmen

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7 Responses to Detour through Elora, Ontario

  1. I was in Elora last week swimming at the old limestone quarry.

    Sweet Trash is my favourite vintage shop, next to one in Toronto but it is so sad they are closing in Sept.

    I adore Elora. I need to pop by Alma. I think I stopped in once to a secondhand shop.

    Stop by Reckless Eric and have a great sandwich next time. All farm to table.

    Love the skirt! Sounds like a fab evening of dancing.


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  2. carmen says:

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments!!

    I’m in Berlin with my daughter for a few days–WOW! So much to see and do, an amazing city!

    Love and best wishes to all. Enjoy the weekend!!

    ❤ carmen


  3. Bob says:

    🙂 Pocket book saved by the closed vintage shop…hahaha….. hooray for more daisies….your favourite flower.

    Late day sun is quite alright for the skin.
    Look forward to Part 2.
    Eagerly await dancing season.
    😀 ❤
    (Doesn't the Village of Parker deserve a mention? hahaha) Certainly more people have heard of Alma! 😉

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  4. Ralph says:

    Oh no ! What a disaster ! The shop was closed ! 😉
    Great outfit and photos my friend. 😀 ❤

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  5. utesmile says:

    Love all of it… specially the stone at the end..I just bought 2 more like that for my garden. Definitely have to come and visit one day!

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  6. Lovely! I so enjoy your posts.

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