The sky’s the limit: blue skies and cloud 9

And that’s where I’m going: up above the clouds and across the BIG pond! I’m off to Germany for a month.

I am so looking forward to this vacation that has been too long in the making. It’s been 21 years since I’ve been there and as a procrastinator, I keep putting it off till next year. However, next year may never come so I’m going THIS year!

Visiting with my cousins and family and friends will be wonderful. Perhaps I’ll even get a chance to meet some bloggers! The BEST news is that my daughter Jean will be flying out from Seattle to meet me in Stuttgart, then we’re off to Munich and the fast train to Berlin where we will go to VEGAN STREET–something we’ve been wanting to do forever!

I’m wearing my white skinny jeans (they go with everything) and my new blue fringed kimono from Garage. Blue and white for the sky and clouds where I’ll be soaring; I love flying!

DSC02560 DSC02563 DSC02565 DSC02567 DSC02566silver heart necklace DSC02571 DSC02572

 Germany is not only my homeland (where I was born and have been back five times since living in Canada) it is also a beautiful country: rich with history, magical castles, romantic towns, modern cities and breathtaking scenery. I know I will have tears in my eyes when I see the little red rooftops of the charming houses as my plane descends on this storybook land: a place of a myriad of treasured memories.

Have a great summer and make some happy memories!!

❤ carmen

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6 Responses to The sky’s the limit: blue skies and cloud 9

  1. ILEANA says:

    Enjoy your trip and have a great vacation, my dear Carmen! I cannot wait to see you after your return and tell me about beautiful Germany. I will go to Europe too, in France, visiting Provence and Côte d’Azur. It will be fun to exchange photos and memories.
    See you soon at our dance classes. We miss you, dear teacher ❤️

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  2. Rebecca says:

    Oh wow enjoy your sentimental journey back home – I am so happy to hear that & can’t wait to see pictures from this trip Carmen!


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  3. Ralph says:

    You look lovely. I hope your trip will be the same Carmen 😀 ❤

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  4. Have a wonderful trip home. Soak it all up, to the sky! Family memories are the absolute best kind.
    Will you be posting while there? If not, I look fotward to hearing from you when you get home. (To Canada home).
    Love, Melinda

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  5. utesmile says:

    Carmen, it’s about time you go ( 21 years….) Enjoy Germany, I wished I could see you, I am flying to Stuttgart on 4th and home again from Stuttgart on 9th.
    Wishing you a super time Enjoy it to the full and I will be waiting for some pictures here!

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