Greetings from Canada!

I wear my Canada colours every Canada Day!

img_62581 img_62631 img_62661-1 covered bridge

I’ve had this skirt for years; it has a white lace print on a red background.

img_62561 img_62531 img_62541-1

 My dear friend Diane wore her new Canadian maple leaf T-shirt to dance class yesterday.


She just bought it at OLD NAVY so I dashed over right after class, but they were sold out. (It wasn’t a wasted trip because I found a pair of cool, white, linen, wide-leg pants!)

Lots of people wear red and white today!


Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians!!

Loving greetings to my readers and friends all over the world!

love carmen

Happy 4th of July America!


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20 Responses to Greetings from Canada!

  1. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. That skirt is definitively a keeper! I love your slides. I am looking for some like that since a while.

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you Nicole! I’ll definitely be keeping it, even if I only wear it once a year! 🙂
      Thanks for inviting me to Top of the World Style!

      Have a great week!

      ❤ carmen


  2. jonijames@artfulcloset says:

    You’ll most likely get more use from the wide legged pants anyway. Happy Canada Day!

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  3. Happy belated Canada Day!


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  4. Great outfit! I hope you can join the linkup

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  5. Bob says:

    Happy Canada Day, yesterday. Great photography, again. Happy dancing.

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  6. mihrank says:

    Tres chique -elegant and beautiful!

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  7. utesmile says:

    Happy Canada Day to all you red and white ladies! ❤

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  8. Ralph says:

    Happy Canada Day Carmen ! 😀 ❤

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  9. Yay! You’re back in my email! Happy Canada Day, my friend.
    Love, Melinda

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