Rugged Elegance: Denim and White Eyelet

This thrifted denim jacket cost $7.99. I bought it yesterday because I have been looking for one ever since I missed a really unique denim jacket at V.V. Boutique (Value Village).

thrifted denim jacket

Next stop, the ruins in downtown Galt (part of the City of Cambridge, Ontario).

denim and eyelet

I like the look of rugged with delicate, so I’m pairing it with my white embroidered blouse and eyelet skirt. I bought the blouse last summer and my skirt is about 15 years old (the reason I have so many clothes because I keep them and take care of them).

white outfit

The scent of lilacs surrounding me in this rugged and beautiful place is something a camera cannot capture, but the imagination can.

white eyelet skirt

the ruins

A great place for my adventurous grandson.

DSC01767 DSC01782 DSC01787 DSC01799 DSC01802


Please click on this beautiful photo to visit Mathilda

Please click on this beautiful photo to visit Mathilda

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15 Responses to Rugged Elegance: Denim and White Eyelet

  1. Gorgeous photos and outfit, that beautiful white embroidered blouse and skirt look great with denim jacket.

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  2. Carmen, I hope you had a great Pentecost!
    So sublime, the contrast of the rough, and lacy. You keep your clothes 15 years?? I’m impressed. I can barely keep mine nice for a year.
    In college I had a teal denim jacket that I wore constantly. When I got married, I outgrew it, sadly.
    But I kept it many years, as a memento! It’s gone now.

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  3. Lisa Maynard says:

    Gorgeous!!!! Love Love this outfit and the photos are amazing! Your grandson is so handsome XO! Thank you for sharing with #linkupwithlisa @

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  4. Mrs C says:

    Gorgeous! I love the collar of the jacket. Very unusual and stylish!

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  5. ILEANA says:

    You look so gracious in that beautiful white outfit, my dear Carmen!
    I love the scent of lilacs too. It always reminds me of my mother…

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  6. white dress plus denim jacket is one of my fav outfits

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  7. Danny says:

    It is so appropriate to wear rugged Denim jacket with delicate skirt and blouse in the rugged ruins of our downtown Galt with their delicate foliage, the complementary forces of yin and yang.

    As always, your blog enhances my day.

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  8. utesmile says:

    Looks and smells great! 🙂 What a lovely day in the sunshine! I do love the skirt and the blouse, Really great! have a nice Pfingstfest! ♥

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  9. Ralph says:

    Lovely photos of you and your grandson Carmen. What a lovely day you all had ! 😀 ❤

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