Farewell to Frosty

Two more sleeps!

On March 20th Spring will be arriving. We’ve had a few milder days which have certainly lifted my spirit and hopes that Spring is around the corner.

brown swearter

This designer cardigan is several years old, with unique features. I bought it at a hospital gift shop (of all places) while visiting someone. Earth-tones are still one of my favourites.

closeup brown sweater

Arm candy is new from La Creme and I love adding several at a time for a fun arm party.

I bought my faux suede boots in California in 2006 when my daughter Jean got married on Long Beach. They are still lovely and in style almost 10 years later.

I’m packing away my snowmen …

Farewell and I can honestly say,

I won’t miss you!!!

love and blessings

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26 Responses to Farewell to Frosty

  1. Bob says:

    I’m convinced that you can wear every colour. Certainly, you would only purchase a colour you could wear fashionably. Has no one ever given you a colour you can’t wear???!!!

    I love your eye candy…..oops…I mean arm candy….hahaha……
    The cardigan is certainly elegant.
    I presume it is the snowmens’ “Best friends who are flakes”.
    (I’ll see you at dance class.)

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  2. I just mentioned to a buddy of mine yesterday after seeing his Instagram photo, that I don’t own a cardigan. LoL. Yet here I am reading an article of yours, displaying a cardigan. Is God giving me yet a second sign, in less than two days, for me to finally buy a cardigan?

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  3. dan says:

    It’s funny to see you near a snow man in March, Carmen! I wish you warm days in Spring…
    The cardigan is really my style and I love its Earth colour! Don’t tell its age … it looks new!
    Very nice bracelets!

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  4. Jess says:

    Hi Carmen,
    I left a comment, but wanted to send you a tweet and didnt see it. Would love for you to continue to be a part of my Turning Heads Tuesday link up. I do this every week and you are welcome to join. You know I love your style! xo jess

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  5. Jess says:

    Hi Carmen
    It has finally gotten warmer here, in the 70s over a longer winter. I know we are ready for spring!
    Love your cardigan, the details are lovely and the fit wonderful on you.

    Would love if you wanted to join in on my Turning Heads Tuesday linkup, i hold each week. ( today)
    see you there ! xx

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  6. ILEANA says:

    Well, I’m sure that spring came to my life, the proof being…my ‘melting’ nose…:) Because of that I couldn’t go to my dance class today, and I miss it very much!

    See you next class, dear Carmen.
    Good bye from me to your cute snowmen 🙂

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    • carmen says:

      And I missed you my dear Ileana! You brighten the room with your smile.

      Next week is our last class for the Winter session. Our Spring classes start April 13th.

      Get well wishes!
      See you at dance!

      ❤ carmen


  7. denim jeans says:

    Your snowman looking so cute. On next Christmas i will definitely contact you.

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  8. Mrs C says:

    Happy Spring! When Spring hits your part of the world, this means my part of the world is heading fast into Summer that last about 7 months if not longer. We will be like the bears hibernating in our full blast air conditioned houses.. sad but true. Enjoy the good season and stay fabulous!

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you my dear! And here I was envying you to live in a warm country. I have been in climates like that where you would die on a desert without air-conditioning!

      Keep cool,

      ❤ carmen


  9. Buh-bye snowmen! Hope it’s hello Spring for you soon!
    We are already into summer here in Fl.!

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    • carmen says:

      So happy for you Melinda! It’s still very cold this weekend with freezing temperatures, but snow has been melting on milder days. It sure doesn’t feel like Spring today.


      ❤ carmen

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  10. Ralph says:

    Love your snowmen Carmen. It’s been an extended Autumn here, not been that cold so far, just hot or rainy days. I do hope Spring comes to your soon my friend 😀 ❤

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  11. Boy I cannot WAIT to push winter out the door!

    Bring on spring is all I can say!


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  12. Joni James says:

    Hi Carmen, cute sweater! It’s fun to find surprises at hospital gift shops. I often visit the one across the street from where I work just to check out what’s new.
    I read your daughter’s anniversary post. How great! They both look beautiful. I wonder if I’ll run in to them on the streets of down town some day. 😉

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you Joni! I’ve found a number of pretty things (not just clothes) at hospital gift shops that I’ve never seen anywhere else. Thanks for checking out Jean’s wedding post.

      ❤ carmen


  13. utesmile says:

    Your snowmen are so sweet, but have to go… I agree, I like some sunshine and warmth too. For me spring begin is 21March according to my mum. I can’t wait, let’s hope the weather knows that too!

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  14. It started melting here during the day, but greenup will not be before mid May http://www.highlatitudestyle.com

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