Lavender and Romance

Niagara-on-the-Lake is a charming town surrounded by lavender fields, vineyards and a spectacular view of Lake Ontario. On a clear day you can see the Toronto CN Tower in the distance.

Gazebo by Lake Ontario

First stop, on the edge of town, is the fragrant Lavender Boutique. The sight of purple and the scent of lavender fills the senses.

My cousin and meNeob Lavender Boutique

My son noticed the shop owner was in one of the photos on display.  Melissa greets you with her lovely smile and a sample of delicious lavender cookies. YUM!!


I bought some edible lavender to sprinkle on my toasted bagel for breakfast, lavender tea with a wonderful blend, lavender lotion, lavender body wash and lavender sachets for my drawers and pillow. You can order online.

culinary lavender

The Trisha Romance Gallery, in the heart of the town, is a magical wonderland of romance. Trisha’s beautiful paintings adorn the house. This Victorian house was once her home, but now showcases her unique nostalgic artwork and her daughter, Tanya Peterson’s amazing paintings.

Romance GalleryRomance GalleryStrolling around town is like stepping back in time: flowers to enjoy, benches to relax, shops to explore, fine dining at the Prince of Wales Hotel (we went to Tim Hortons and I had a veggie panini). This is a fantastic place for a day trip or weekend getaway.

clock tower

A great view of Fort Niagara, USA from the sandy shore of Lake Ontario.

Fort Niagara USAThere are several wineries to go for wine-tasting, Frogpond Farm has organic wine.

Time to relax and smell the lavender!

swingEnjoy more of Trisha’s art on Facebook by clicking the photo below.

Trisha Romance♥ carmen

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13 Responses to Lavender and Romance


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  2. Oh Danny Boy says:

    I tried so hard to see the CN tower across the water but my eyes kept focusing on three ladies in the foreground.

    I certainly enjoyed the view of the expanse of open water. I’m sure most often there are many vessels enhancing, or detracting from the scene.

    We are fortunate in Ontario to have so many towns with architecturally attractive significant buildings to appreciate and enjoy.

    I clicked on the side picture entitled “FOLLOW ME” BUT you didn’t lead me anywhere…ha ha.

    I am so pleased that I found your blog. I shall visit again!

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  3. The scenery is breathtaking – not to forget the smell of lavender!!! Come check out my feature review of Boden’s brand new active/yoga wear at the blog this week & let me know what you think!!


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  4. Carmen, these photos are gorgeous! I need to go to that Lavender store!!

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  5. Ralph says:

    Hi Carmen 😀 How did you get your barrel of wine home ? 😉 ❤

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  6. That’s a rather great view of the water

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  7. j-m says:

    Without a doubt, this is my favorite blog. With even less doubt, you are my favorite blogger. I will not dwell on the peculiarities and the wonders of your blog, I’ve said many times, you and everyone you know. As I mentioned in your previous post “I’m in love with Lavender” today seems to me that back in my nose to notice the delicate fragrance of this plant. I’ve noticed so strong that I went out to buy a cologne, ecological, with this perfume, along with tangerine.

    Niagara on the lake looks like a little paradise, a beautiful, delicate and romantic, as you say. The beautiful Victorian buildings, wonderful shopping and cultural and artistic landscape, make it a place I dreamed. In addition, the natural beauty surrounding it is spectacular. It is a place that I will visit someday, and I hope to have you to do to guide my journey.

    The architecture you show, excites me, your happiness with your family is a blessing and, as always, your delicate elegance, your smile and graceful pose, I do admire you a little more each day.

    I have agreed to the collection of drawings of Trisha, is a great artist. The drawings are beautiful and evoke the most romantic winter and Christmas spirit.

    A wonderful post, lovely photos, and a blogger that every day is exceeded. You are no longer just my capri queen, you’re simply… the queen .

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  8. Shybiker says:

    What a nice post. I’ve crossed the US/Canada border but not gone much further North. I really want to. There seem to be such interesting attractions.

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  9. Bob says:

    Great to see pictures of Marion and Lara with you.

    The clock tower is impressive. The whole town with its historic charm is geared to the visitors….a tremendous Canadian feature to share with your relatives from Germany.
    My, my how much wine tasting did you and yours do? (Ha ha ha)

    All of you ought to have treated yourselves to fine dining at The Prince of Wales Hotel. What a stately building.

    Your photographer and the director are to be commended.

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  10. I love Niagara on the Lake. We didn’t get there this year and your photos are making me question myself as to why.


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  11. Beautiful places… 🙂

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  12. utesmile says:

    This looks so fantastic, I love it, I would love to stroll around that lovely town and look in all the shops, sit on a bench and enjoy.
    Love Ute ♥

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  13. Maccabros says:

    wonderful pictures of the old buildings and thanks for the information about it all…

    liebe Grüße,


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