Langdon Hall – a luxurious day trip or weekend getaway

Langdon Hall (1898) is just a five minute drive from where I live, but if you are an hour or so away from Cambridge, Ontario, this is a lovely place to go for a day trip. If you live further away it’s a luxurious overnight or weekend getaway.

My dear friend Janet (passed away in 2007, only 55 years old) was my kindred-spirit sister. We were the same age and said we were twin sisters born from different mothers. It was Janet who introduced me to Langdon Hall. Over the years I have been there several times for high tea with a friend or a group of friends.


We’ve enjoyed some sunny warm September days; it’s still summer till the 23rd and I refuse to wear autumn clothes yet. My dear friend Maggie and I had a ladies’ afternoon and relaxed on the deck sipping our drinks and having a pleasant conversation.

MaggieMaggie is always stylish, I just love her outfit: beautiful net top (Spanner) with white crop pants. I’m glad I bought this dress in spring, made by a local seamstress. I wore it in NYC in August. It’s my go-to sundress, and you’ll see it once more before I put my summer clothes away.

Maggie and carmen

The grounds are meticulously kept and it feels like the garden of a Gatsby movie.

Langdon Hall garden

This grand estate was the summer place of an extremely wealthy family over 100 years ago. Today it is the exquisite Langdon Hall Country House Hotel and Spa (since 1989).

Day trips make lovely memories!

Have a wonderful week!

♥ carmen

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20 Responses to Langdon Hall – a luxurious day trip or weekend getaway

  1. ivana split says:

    you look so pretty in that maxi dress….and your friend looks very stylish too!
    Sorry to hear about your friend Janet , who was only 55 when she passed away…. so sad.

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  2. Bob says:

    I’m sorry your kindred spirit passed away.

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  3. Bob says:

    Such elegant ladies in such an elegant setting.
    Wow, Carmen, you have been there several times. I had no idea that line dance teaching is so lucrative….ha ha….watch out,,,,the line dance centres will be cutting your remuneration!!

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  4. dan says:

    The hotel looks very nice and has a lovable garden too! And it’s so pleasant chatting with a friend while sipping a cup of tea!

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  5. Rebecca says:

    Wow thanks for taking us on a picture tour of this grand estate…..makes me want to sip tea with you two fab ladieS!!!


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  6. j-m says:

    Everything seems perfect, the place, the garden, the company of a good friend, drinks, two elegant women, your smiles … But the sad memory of your friend Janet darkens a bit, this post, but connects perfectly the philosophy of your blog, elegance and beauty, but also friendship, way of life, and love for people. I have little to say of your wonderful vintage dress, you already know I love. It is a perfect dress for a late summer afternoon, in a wonderful romantic place. You look really beautiful and elegant as always.

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  7. Maccabros says:

    Nice house and a wonderful garden…



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  8. I genuinely extend my condolences, with the passing of your friend Janet. 55-years-old is far too young to depart this world. I cannot imagine the void left behind for her family and loved ones. Death is and will definitely remain a difficult process, because unlike movies, we only get one chance at life. There is no sequel.

    When you share memories with someone, it is not easy to realize one day, your time with them will come to an end. Through this understanding, I try to cherish every second with people, because you just never know. #Restinparadise. As for this location, my mother would have a field day. She loves gardens. She has a rather nice garden actually. When I visit, It seems the sunflower plants grow an extra foot. LoL

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you sincerely my friend! I especially love what you wrote, “we only get one chance at life. There is no sequel.”

      Your mom’s garden sounds wonderful; sunflowers are my second favourite flower (daisies being my favourite). I am doing another post on sunflowers soon. You already saw Monet’s sunflower painting in my post about the Metropolitan Art Museum in NYC. But here’s one from last year that you haven’t seen, a photo I took of a field of sunflowers …

      Enjoy the last days of summer!

      ❤ carmen


  9. Maggie Li says:

    Thanks Carmen for treating me out for an nice afternoon tea-time , always love it there , make me feel like I’m a rich high-class lady , ha ha ! We should do this more often !

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  10. I LOVE Langdon Hall : ) Spent the last 2 birthdays there.

    Only 5 minutes from your house? Lucky you!


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  11. utesmile says:

    I am sure you two glamourous ladies had a wonderful afternoon, you look gorgeous and the house and gardens too! It is great to spend a day with a good friend and it does give us wonderful memories!

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