The Catwalk – Mom’s birthday

My stylish mom modeling a red velvet dress with detachable sleeves 1950s

LoraBoth my mom and daughter took modeling courses. Both of them have influenced my style.

JeanMy daughter Jean (left) wearing my mom’s DVF wrap dress from the 70s. Click the photo for the full story of Jean meeting Diane Von Furstenberg.

I have always dreamed of modelling and walking the Catwalk but never had the opportunity or perhaps, not even the confidence.

By age 60, I thought this dream would elude me, but here I am at 62 with opportunities to model clothes on the catwalk and magazines; my mom would be so proud–I think of her on her birthday today!


I dedicated this fashion opportunity to my dear mom …

la-cremeAn opportunity to model my mom’s DVF dress on my blog.

DVF wrap dress

Jean and I are in NYC enjoying a fashionable vacation.

DVF Flagship store

I’m more like my mom every day.

I love you mom ♥

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5 Responses to The Catwalk – Mom’s birthday

  1. LFFL says:

    Awwwww. Those are great pics.


  2. Rebecca says:

    OMG good genes really run in your family… the several generations of pretty ladies!!!! And that DVF dress really is a classic!!!



  3. Love this post! Then and now. You both look great in the DVF wrap dress. I have always wanted something from the DVF collection. And look at you in that gorgeous wine color and the catwalk. Was that a recent fashion show you participated in?


  4. Dawn Lucy says:

    Wow, how cool! Fashion and beauty is a family tradition! OXOX
    Dawn Lucy


  5. jm says:

    Another wonderful and exciting post. These posts are what make your blog to be different, your blog is special, at least for me. You know well how much I love this mix of beauty and sensitivity, elegance and lifestyle, outer beauty and, above all, inner beauty. Your mother met all these concepts, thanks to you and your honors, we have known well. It was an extraordinary woman, extraordinarily beautiful and elegant, but also a woman with a great personality. All these adjectives you’ve inherited, and Jean, though I know less, I guess too. Although there is one thing I do not share at all in the post. You say that your mother would be proud to see you making a model, I’m sure. But what your mother would be proud, I think, is to have succeeded in educating a woman like you, in all its breadth. She would be proud also why you are beautiful and elegant, but also because you’re a sensible, educated woman and a great mother and great grandmother. I love you see you in the dress of your mother, and to see you modeling (no matter how old), but, you know them, what I like most is your personality, completely. To finish this heavy message, I’ll tell you I love your picture back, the dress is wonderful, capri, as always. The Queen of capri, courting NYC.


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