Summer in the City

Summer in New York City!

On our way to get our pedicures, Jean and I had to take a detour because the police blocked two blocks of the street; turned out to be a bomb scare but it was a false alarm.

NYPDAfter being pampered with a pedicure, it’s time to take the subway.

NYC subway

Next stop–downtown Manhattan.

toes in ManhattanSome fun shopping and sightseeing.

Jean and me by orange doorJean by orange doorme by orange doorI bought this yellow and black set at Sears in the spring and planned to take it to NYC because I can style it four different ways for four looks. That’s important when I travel so I don’t have to pack as much.

black and yellow outfitWalking and shopping makes one hungry so we headed over to Peacefood Cafe for a dee-lish-ee-OH-so vegan dinner!

You never know who you’re gonna run into in NYC, last time Bill Murray and this time the world famous GRUMPY CAT!

grumpy catAnd to end a lovely day I met two fashionable ladies at the sidewalk restaurant of Chocolat.

fashionable ladies


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8 Responses to Summer in the City

  1. Sheila Hill says:

    Hi Carmen,
    Your outfit is amazing! Love the combination of colors, especially the bright yellow. So chic for NYC. We would like to use one of these photos in a “What I Wore” post on Do you have your permission to use a photo? Please email me at Thank you! You look lovely, and we’d love to share you with our readers with a link back to your site.

    Liked by 1 person

    • carmen says:

      Thank you so much Sheila! I’m glad you like my yellow and black outfit! You have permission to use any photos you wish and I do appreciate a link back!

      I ❤ NY


  2. utesmile says:

    Your daughter looks very much like you and has the same beautiful smile! I can see you are enjoying your time very much!


  3. Joni James says:

    Oh, there’s you and your daughter!! You two look like sisters! I want to go to NY so badly. We’re waiting for my last son out the door to turn 17 and then we’re heading out east!


  4. jm says:

    I’m glad that in NYC, you’ve been able to wear your outfit in black and yellow. That precious look that you could not wear in the fashion show. That gorgeous look reminiscent of a bee, and the beauty of nature. I loved it when I saw it on
    Now in NYC, you can wear it in all your splendor and beauty. A lovely trip, a lovely summer, and a wonderful reunion with Jean, right? Beautiful places, great vegan meals, and lots of fun. Who made ​​your pedicure is an artist, your feet look beautiful. I do not know this cat (in Spain is not known), and not know, ladies, but they all help to make your blog special and different, as I always say. Although, throughout the post, which I like, not to mention your beautiful smile, is the picture of hearts. Carmen and hearts, a wonderful couple.


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