red and white outfit for Canada Day

I’m wearing red and white for Canada Day. It’s been a lovely Canada Day weekend: going to  family-owned Barrie’s Asparagus Farm with friends, hosting a garden party and I’ll be out this afternoon for our traditional Pioneer Village outing with family.

Something old and something new. My red skirt has a white lacy print and handkerchief hemline. I’ve had it for several years.

red and white 2This fitted, sleeveless blouse is new, with tiny ruffles around the neckline and a lovely embroidered design. The row of nine buttons are tedious to do up, but I don’t mind, because I love the old-fashioned style with an updated look, so feminine!


I love red shoes; these sandals are made in Italy and I have the same pair in black.

red and white 3

Cedardale Farm Est. 1892 (Barrie’s Asparagus Farm) has a wonderful nostalgic feel of country living in the olden days. Take a step back in time where you are warmly welcomed with county-style hospitality.  It’s a great day trip for people living in driving distance to Kitchener, Ontario. If you live in Kitchener, you really should come (if you haven’t already)!

carmen on bench

To all my Canadian friends


To everyone else, have a delightful day!


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18 Responses to HAPPY CANADA DAY!

  1. carmen says:

    Thank you so much! I just decided to check spam which I rarely do and I have no idea why your comment ended up in there! I’ll be checking more often, I don’t want to miss a comment and an opportunity to thank you!

    I’m going to the market now, I think I’ll make asparagus soup for dinner. 🙂

    Have a happy weekend!

    ❤ carmen


  2. Bob says:

    As always, so photogenic, elegant and picturesque…..really like the red skirt….all your clothes are such examples of finery!!!!


  3. utesmile says:

    Happy Canada Day Carmen. I absolutely love that blouse! It is beautiful!


  4. Love the intricate detailing of the white top and the asymmetrical hem of the skirt…..they’re so perfect on your figure! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!



    • carmen says:

      Hello my chic chica! Although I wouldn’t say my figure is perfect, nice to say the outfit is perfect for my figure LOL 😉

      It’s been a perfect week and I hope your weekend is perfect! 🙂

      ❤ carmen


  5. Happy Canada Day! I also love white blouses like that with all the details! Anytime I find one, I grab it! I love your sandals too!


  6. davisbe says:

    Happy Canada Day. Fantastic outfit. Red and white are must wear colours on this day. Have a great time at the Asparagus Farm.


  7. Love the feminine details of the blouse! Happy Canada Day! My dear friend is feeling homesick today!


  8. suzannecarillo says:

    Happy Canada Day Carmen!

    I’ve never been to Cedardale farm. Do they have a restaurant? Or is it just a shop? I would love to visit as it is close enough to Mississauga.

    Love your skirt and Canada Day outfit : )



    • carmen says:

      Thank you Suzanne!

      Barrie’s Farm does not have a restaurant, but you can always drive five minutes to Langdon Hall while you’re in my neck of the woods 😉

      My grandson is here and eagerly waiting for me to finish my responses so we can go to Doon Pioneer Village, Have you ever been? I used to go to Black Creek Pioneer Village when I lived in Toronto.

      What are you doing to celebrate Canada Day?

      ❤ carmen


  9. j-m says:

    Happy Canada Day, Carmen. Canada … a paradise for a Mediterranean latin who does not really like the warm and dry landscape. Canada, with its forests, its lakes, its rivers, its nature is … paradise. I love Canada. And I love your look today, and your program today. I like to visit places like Pioneer Village and Farm Barrie. You’re lucky to live in such a wonderful site. And your outfit for the day Canada is beautiful. The skirt is very pretty, I love the pattern and the end, with this cut peaks. But I love it, especially the blouse is absolutely stunning. The embroidered fabric, the ruffles at the neckline, and how it fits your figure is wonderful. It is a piece that is a treasure, and worth wasting time buttoning and unbuttoning the string of buttons. The hearts adorning your neck and your ears are “pure Carmen”. A wonderful look, a post that excites me, and some pictures than they love.


    • carmen says:

      Thank you so much J-M! You have become my fashion consultant. 🙂 I always check to see if my outfit meets with your approval, you have a great perspective and know so much about style!

      You would love Canada! It is a great country, and although I did not choose to live here (my parents moved here from Germany when I was five) I’m thankful they did. However, I do love Europe VERY much!! I enjoy it immensely every time I visit and had a marvelous opportunity to live in Germany and Scotland for awhile.

      Winter here in Canada is definitely NOT what I would call paradise 😦 Maybe for the polar bears!!

      I hope to visit Catalonia someday 🙂 and perhaps you can put Canada on your list of places to visit. 😉 You would love wandering in the mountains here in Canada, but you would need to go to British Columbia which is over 3,000 km from where I live. I have never been there and yet I live in Canada. Canada is enormous and hard to imagine the vastness of this land. We have wonderful places to go right here in Ontario.

      Thanks again and have a good evening!

      ❤ carmen


  10. Joni says:

    I just love the intricacy in that blouse you have on. Very special one!


    • carmen says:

      Thank you Joni! I can dress it down with a denim jacket and jeans. A very versatile blouse that I’m sure I’ll get a lot of wear out of it.

      Have a fashionable day!

      ❤ carmen


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