What’s old is new

What’s old in someone else’s closet and being donated to a thrift store or being taken to a consignment shop, is new for me! My daughter Jean is a thrifting specialist and she inherited this talent from her dad. Here’s a collection of recent additions to my wardrobe.

Parsley and Sage tapestry jacket with a colourful cool cats design $10.00

Parsley and Sage jacket 2 Parsley and Sage jacketMy husband is Scottish and loves a bargain. He’s an expert at finding treasures in thrift shops. It takes time and patience to sort through the rows and rows of racks, but he has an eye for unique items and manages to spot top quality clothes–many made in the USA, including designer clothes that cost a fraction of the original price.

Black and white op art jacket Canadian made from Le Chateau $8.00

Le Chateau jacket Le Chateau jacket 2

Lately, he’s been bringing home a jacket every week. This red double-breasted blazer is from Jacob $15.00. It’s a jacket version of my red winter coat from Banana Republic $300. (Shhhhh! Don’t tell hubby!)

Jacob jacket 2 Jacob jacketThis black crushed velvet blazer is by Laura $6.00  I’m wearing my pretty pink ruffled scarf and pink lace top with it. Black velvet and pink is one of my favourite combinations because my mom’s favourite colour was pink and she loved black velvet, she also had a beauty salon with a black and pink colour scheme.

Laura crushed velvet jacket Laura crushed velvet jacket 2

Sifting through it all can be daunting, but also fun like a treasure hunt; the thrill of finding that unique piece that fits like it was made for you! This one has a velvet floral pattern, made in USA. Equestrian Designs, Santa Barbara, California for only $2.50. My colourful animal print scarf is from my friend Maggie, she has exquisite taste and I love scarves!!

Santa Barbara California jacket 2 Santa Barbara California jacket

Oh, and he doesn’t want you to think he’s a cheapskate, so he asked me to include this new velour leopard jacket which he bought for me recently at Sears. (Of course, he got it on sale!!) I love leopard!! But only prints–fashion with compassion! I don’t wear real fur.

Sears leopard jacket Sears leopard jacket 2 Sears leopard jacket 3Do you shop at thrift shops? Find any treasures lately?

Need some helpful tips?

Check out these two bloggers with great advice for thrifting!

Jean Suzanne


 My dear friend Maggie doesn’t have a blog but she is a thrift specialist too, so I’m giving her the golden seal of thrifting as well!



See what Patti and all the fashionable ladies are wearing!!

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24 Responses to What’s old is new

  1. LFFL says:

    Love the way you put together all the looks. I really like that black n white jacket, too! So cute.


  2. jangrahammcmillen says:

    Every item a winner! Tell your huz that he’s much admired for his good taste!
    Not much good stuff here in my very rural world. Lots and lots of second hand stuff to look at, but almost all sad and worn. A few shops look pretty good on the surface, but we’re a year or two behind anyway, so even if the pieces are in good shape they tend to look especially dated.
    You did good, though!


  3. Ooh – I love thrifting!!! I used to go thrift store shopping a lot when I lived in the Bay Area, but I don’t do it as much where I live now. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that there are few second hand shops near where I live. Hope you’re having a lovely week Carmen! Celeste 🙂


  4. Mrs C says:

    The red and black jacket are hot! You should wear red more.. really stunning on you 🙂

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades


  5. Rebecca says:

    You are rocking all these ensembles…..& you’re so pretty!



  6. woodlucker says:

    You have found some really great bargains and you look great in each one! Fun to see many pieces in one post. Very cool that your husband has a good eye for things you like!

    blue hue wonderland


  7. dan says:

    Your purchases were real bargains, Carmen! Every jacket suits you perfectly! My favourite is the black and white one, which has a very elegantl pattern too… I almost never buy clothes at their full price, but in Italy , thrift shops aren’t very common. Here you can find real bargains in outlet villages…


    • carmen says:

      Thank you my lovely Dan! I’m like you, I find many beautiful things on sale, we have outlet malls here too. My husband and daughter are better at finding great clothes in thrift shops.

      Have a sunny Sunday!
      ♥ carmen


  8. suzannecarillo says:

    So many brilliant finds! Even better that your husband finds and buys some of them for you and saves you the work. My husband isn’t a huge thrifter. He is a bit better in vintage stores. I’m still trying to convert him.

    I agree it can be daunting and I definately need to be in the mood to properly “thrift”. You need lots of time and an open mind. I do consider it a bit of a challenge. You never know what you will find.

    You as usual, look great in all of them but I really love that crushed velvet jacket.

    Thanks so much for including me in your thrifting post. It was such a nice surprise : )

    Have a great weekend.



    • carmen says:

      You are so welcome, Suzanne, just looking at all your great finds on your blog, plus your great tips is inspirational and shows people that thrifting (and vintage) is a great way to add unique pieces to your wardrobe and have fun with fashion (wearing memories – as you have said). I don’t have as much patience as my husband does. I really find it overwhelming sometimes and, as you mentioned in your thrifting tips: you need time and you need to try things on.

      The black crushed velvet blazer is my favourite too, so comfortable as well as stylish. I would like one in orange velvet, like yours! 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by!

      Happy thrifting and estate sale-ing!
      ♥ carmen


  9. Bob says:

    The choice in real life presentations might be different…… Is that an option? …..ha ha….. From photos, the choice is the leopard print (runner up is the tapestry jacket).

    My, my, no doubt your expanded wardrobe will be accommodated, at least, in part, by the recently ” vacated space”.


    • carmen says:

      What recently vacated space? I have no more room in my closet! 😉

      Thanks for giving me your opinion and taking time to comment. In real life presentation, the crushed black velvet blazer is really elegant and reminds me so much of my mom.

      Happy thrifting!
      ♥ carmen


      • Bob says:

        Coincidentally, that very evening (Mar. 29), I thrifted at the clothing sale at square dancing in Guelph…..bolo ties and scarves and woggles…..really have sufficient (too many) now.

        (The space vacated by Jonathan.)


  10. Thanks for including me in your thrifting post. I love a bargain and picked up thrifting skills from dad! I think you should feature Maggie in an upcoming post. Sounds like she’s good at it too!

    I can’t decide which jacket I like best. The crushed velvet is gorgeous, but I like the leopard one as well. And of course I’m a sucker for anything with cats 🙂


    • Bob says:

      Hi Jean
      You must decide. I do not spend a lot of time thrifting…when I do, it is often for dance clothes or for something to wear doing chores to save my good clothes from wear and tear when putzing about…..whatever that means.


    • carmen says:

      You are very welcome, Jean! I’ve learned a lot from you. You have some great consignment shops in Seattle and have a fantastic collection of thrifted fashion!

      I thought you’d like the cat blazer, it’s actually a tad big for me, so if you like it, I’ll be happy to give it to you. Dad also found a gorgeous jacket for you too. We’ll either send it or wait till we see you next. I hope you like it. Do you want me to send a photo of me wearing it or do you want it to be a surprise? ♥


  11. Maggie Li says:

    I wish you can see the smile on my face when I saw you grand me the Golden Seal Of Thirfting. Thanks I love it. Maybe I should post some of my treasure I found from thrifting shopping. I thrift shop once a week if I could, sometimes twice, always found something , if not fashion , will be a piece of jewelry. I found it very relaxing , searching through racks for clothing, and if finding a nice piece of clothing ,it’s like hiting the jackpot, love it. Wish we can go thrifting shopping soon. Maggie


    • Bob says:

      I thrift shop sometimes, with or without Janet…..the money certainly goes further.


    • carmen says:

      You are very welcome, my dear Maggie!! You deserve the Golden Seal of Thrifting, with so many wonderful treasures that you have found, and hit the jackpot many times 😀 ha ha ha!! I have great memories of going with you to some thrift stores and the consignment shop you introduced me to. I want to take you to a new thrift shop that I think you will like. I’d love to do a post about some of your great finds!

      I love your style!!
      ♥ carmen


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