Window Shopping

I love peplum, I love houndstooth, I love sales. Put them together and it’s love at first sight!

While window shopping recently, I spotted this cute houndstooth peplum top in the window display of Ricki’s, walked right in, tried it on, bought it, did a quick photo shoot with the mannequin and wore it home!

houndstooth peplum 1houndstooth peplum 2I have loved this pattern ever since my mom bought me a houndstooth coat when I was a teenager and my aunt bought houndstooth skirts for my cousin Marion and me. Houndstooth has always been popular and never goes out of style. It originated in the Scotland Lowlands.

Looks like I’m part of the display, this is fun!

black and white 1black and white 2Sometimes I have to go home and think about it. Do I really love it? Do I really need it?

But this time the decision was easy as apple pie!

Have you ever bought something and wore it home right away?

♥ carmen

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14 Responses to Window Shopping

  1. Thanks so much carmen 🙂 you are a Wondeful Women ! 🙂


  2. Bob says:

    The mannikins do not live, breath and exude your warmth and charisma!!!


  3. dan says:

    Sales are a real temptation, and I often ask me the same questions!! Your top is very nice and the pattern is limeless! You are a perfect model in the shop window!!!


  4. Suzanne says:

    Oh my I LOVE this top! I want it LOL. You look fabulous. Better than the mannequins. You will be able to wear it with everything. I think a trip to Ricki’s might be in my future.



    • carmen says:

      Thanks Suzanne! Hmmm? Funny, three people think I look better than the mannequins – I sure hope so, and I’m smarter too, I have a head on my shoulders!! 😀

      Ricki’s still have them, in fact this one is still in the window and it could be your size!

      ❤️ carmen


  5. Maggie Li says:

    You look fabulous ! Did you know how lucky you are to have a photographer (was it Doug this time ? ) with you always, it’s so nice to have all this great memories in pictures , so we can look at them when we are older . Love all your pictures !


    • carmen says:

      Thank you Maggie! It’s great having my own photographer! 🙂 Oh yeah, it will be fun to look at these photos when I grow up. 😉 ha ha!!

      ❤️ carmen


  6. josepmbadia says:

    This peplum is gorgeous, I like the design and I like the houndstooth fabric. It is perfect with your black pants and your boots, you look very elegant. The detail to immerse yourself on showcase is very funny and nice, and it is clear that the mannequins do not have a nice body … yours is beautiful.


    • carmen says:

      🙂 Thank you Josep-Maria! I wanted this to be a fun post with a little humour so I decided to stand with the mannequins. So nice to hear that I have a nicer body than the mannequins! lol

      ❤️ carmen

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  7. You sure know how to have fun Carmen! Oh, and you wear it better than the mannequin!! Celeste 🙂


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