Covered Perfectly: A Rave Review!

Covered Perfectly – teal 2

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4 Responses to Covered Perfectly – teal 2

  1. Bob says:

    Love your rationale……hope your readers do click on the website as I suggested that they might….you know I support you in your endeavors.


    • carmen says:

      Your suggestion of mentioning fabric is very important. I have included it in my response to Josep-Maria. It is my hope that people who are interested will go to the website. 🙂


  2. Bob says:

    Teal top 2 is a better profile than teal top…..I respectfully submit that you might (ought) to have told your readers the fabric material (cotton, polyester, blend……)…..yes, if a reader wants to know, no doubt the info is on the website.


    • carmen says:

      This information is on the website which is where I want readers to go to. This post is to whet their appetites, there are many more styles, colours and that’s the intent: that they check out what styles suit them best and what colors/patterns they prefer. Once they are on the website they can choose.

      Thanks for commenting.


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