What’s your secret?

JeanWhen people find out that my daughter Jean (jean of all trades) is in her 40s, they can’t believe it. She looks like she’s in her 20s. So what’s her secret?

Jean is beautiful (I know, I know I’m her mother, but everyone says so!). She is fashionable and has inspired me with her style and her fashion blog. She’s talented and has a flair for painting, photography and writing. She is intelligent and has edited books I can’t even read!! But Jean is more than just beautiful and youthful, gifted and clever.

What I’m most happy about is that Jean is a compassionate and loving person. I marvel at all the things she does to make a difference. So back to the question–what’s her secret?

Here’s what she’ll tell you …

“My beauty secret is eating well (vegan–fruits and veggies especially), since skin gets healthy from the inside–and sleep. I believe 8 hours is important and try to get that whenever I can (whenever my animals don’t wake me up, that is!).”  Jean

Pretty simple!

Happy birthday Jean!!

What’s YOUR beauty secret?

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19 Responses to What’s your secret?

  1. dan says:

    Your daughter is a beautiful young lady! And has got a mother who is as beautiful as she is!!
    Surely healty eating gives an extra help, vegetables and fruit ? I love them!!
    Wonderful birthday!!


    • carmen says:

      Thank you my dear Dan! So true that healthy eating is best for our body, feeling good and looking good!! I love vegetables and fruit, nuts and grains, such a wonderful variety of delicious foods to enjoy!!

      Bon Appetite!! 🙂
      ♥ carmen


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  3. OMG – I didn’t realize Jean was in her 40’s! I assumed she was a lot younger than me, in her 30’s. I do think eating healthfully is SO important. I believe I look younger since I started eating plant based two years ago. I think another thing you guys have going for you is awesome genes! Celeste 🙂 PS – Happy Birthday Jean!


    • carmen says:

      Thank you very much Celeste! I totally agree with you and Jean, we are what we eat and what we eat is important to health and looking our best. I feel so good eating a plant-based diet. Every bite nourishes not only our bodies, but also makes us happy to know we don’t contribute to the needless suffering of animals. That’s a peaceful feeling. 🙂

      ♥ carmen


      • Bob says:

        We are what we eat…..well documented….for example….”Earl Mindell’s Food as medicine” (1994)….perhaps you ,or someone you know, would like to peruse or scan or read it or sections of it? Valid in 1994….valid before then….valid now….valid forever.


  4. davisbe says:

    This is one of the most creative and thoughtful gifts I’ve ever seen. A sign of the true love you share for each other.


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  6. Ileana Trofin says:

    Happy birthday, Jean! How amazing is the bond you have with your mother! It is so wonderful you two share values which made you an exceptional example for anyone trying to have a healthy and gracious life.

    I admired every single image of the video. Beautiful!

    What a proud mother you are, Carmen! What a proud daughter you are, Jean!
    Best wishes and hugs,
    Ileana (proud mother of two and grandmother of one…)


  7. Reblogged this on jeanofalltrades and commented:
    My mom wrote a post for my birthday (it’s today) and included a video compilation of my 2013 fashion post outfits! Such a sweet birthday gift!


  8. Thank you so much for this wonderful birthday tribute! It must have taken a lot of time to curate that video and I appreciate it! I’ll share this on my FB page and blog too.


  9. josepmbadia says:

    Congratulations, Jean, first. But I mean something else. The secret of Jean in addition to your healthy lifestyle, is to be the daughter of Carmen. Carmen, explain everything that your daughter is applicable to you. Beautiful, intelligent, healthy, creative, smart …
    Your do not look your age you are, have a daughter 42, and you look so young. The secret is within you, in your way of living, feeling and thinking. Can you be proud of your daughter, you understand. But your daughter should feel a great admiration for her inheritance: outer beauty and inner beauty.


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