Walking the line

This quaint building by the railroad tracks is in Cambridge, Ontario. There are so many interesting spots for photo shoots and I love photography.

railroad 1

I love this little black double-breasted blazer. I wear it with long gloves when it’s cool because it has 3/4 length sleeves. What a disappointment, I lost one of these gloves the day of this photo shoot. I have traced my steps and looked everywhere to no avail.

railroad 1 railroad 2Having lived in Cambridge for two years, I’ve discovered many charming places to go for walks and bike riding. I still teach several dance classes in Cambridge every week and my oldest son lives there with his wife and two children, and my youngest son just bought a house in Cambridge and will be moving in just in time for Christmas. I hope to move back someday, I miss my house on the river. Once you live by a river, no other view compares (except a lake or ocean).

We stopped by the river on the way to the railroads tracks. I often go back to dream and gaze at the beauty, visit friends or just go for a walk along the river path. It’s so peaceful and whether with friends, family or alone, I love it.

river 1river 2For now I am grateful for a gorgeous forest view. In fact, if I never get to a river again, I can’t complain. I can see the forest and the trees.

Losing a glove is not as bad as losing my river house, but losing things is never fun and what joy when we find what was lost! Reminds me of the parable of the lost coin. (Luke 15:8)

Have you ever lost something that you found again?


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12 Responses to Walking the line

  1. dan says:

    You look so young, my dear! The photos show a peaceful landscape. The sight of the river is wonderful. . . I often leave things, and almost never I find them again!


  2. I have a similar jacket that I also wear with long gloves. Very retro! Sorry to hear you lost one of yours. I’ve lost an earring before–and what good is one earring? The scenery is gorgeous, both at the river and by the woods. No matter where you land, you have great views. Love the tracks!


    • carmen says:

      It was a special pair of gloves with rows of silver studs and a matching Tam O’Shanter that makes this so disappointing! Gloves, like earrings, shoes and marriages are not much good without their mates!

      I lost one earring too and wouldn’t you know it, a special one. I rarely spend more than $15 on a pair, I splurged on this pair of silver roses and spent $50 (don’t tell anyone)!

      I have a friend who lost one of her favourite turquoise earrings and now she wears a coordinating turquoise earring with it, very unique and looks great! It has become her trademark and she wears them most of the time.


  3. Suzanne says:

    I too lost a long glove today : ( That is always a drag. I do love your little outfit here. I can see why you miss Cambridge. It is a cute little town.



    • carmen says:

      Thanks for stopping by, always great to hear from you! I have three pairs of long black gloves: two pairs are plain and the other pair has rows of silver studs. Why is it that I lost the special one with the studs? 😦 The plain pairs would be easy to replace.

      I enjoyed your post and photos from Cambridge!
      ♥ carmen


  4. josepmbadia says:

    A beautiful place, Carmen. I understand that you miss. It has beautiful places to photograph … and live. I love your look, so young and casual, with precious little cap, you look gorgeous.


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