California Girls

No wonder the Beach Boys wrote a song about them: this is Celeste, a beauty from California!

I have been following Celeste’s blog since March. She is a lovely and compassionate person. This is her birthday month and I want to wish her a very happy birthday and many healthy years to come! I was inspired by reading her story and since health is more important than fashion (and also one of the reasons I write this blog) I asked her to be my guest.

celeste1“I’m honored that Carmen asked if she could post photos of me on her lovely blog. She also asked me to share a bit about myself, so here goes…

To keep things interesting, I’ll focus only on how my life has transformed over the past two years. It started with my husband coming home from a doctor’s visit and telling me he had high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Thinking it might help with my husband’s conditions, I went to a healthy cooking class at Whole Foods Market. I figured the class would teach me how to cook lean meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. I was wrong. Instead, it promoted a plant-based diet, one based on veggies, grains, beans and fruit with little or no animal products.

The diet sounded extreme, but I was impressed with the evidence presented on its ability to not only lower blood pressure and cholesterol, but to also decrease one’s chances of getting cancer and other diseases. Wanting to learn more I read Rip Esselstyn’s The Engine 2 Diet, and watched the movie Forks Over Knives.

My husband also educated himself about going plant-based, and we decided to try it. In the beginning we only did it Monday – Friday because we thought it would be too hard to do it all the time. And it was a challenge at first. Eventually, however; we started to love eating plant-based and began eating this way all the time.

My husband’s blood pressure and cholesterol went down to normal, we lost weight and the persistent skin conditions both of us suffered from cleared up. We both look and feel so much better eating this way. Honestly, our transformation has been miraculous!
And There’s More!

About six months into the diet, we watched the movie, Vegucated, a documentary that follows three New Yorker’s who agree to go vegan for six weeks to learn what it’s all about. This movie rocked my world yet again! The suffering animals endure to become our food and clothing was suddenly and painfully real to me. I was saddened that I’d never thought about the plight of animals before, but I knew that from now on I’d do my part to lessen their suffering.
Now I do my best to avoid using animal products for any purpose. I’m no longer just following a plant-based diet for my health, but I’m following a vegan lifestyle in an effort to respect all of God’s creatures.
If you told me two years ago that I’d give up ice cream and cheese and call myself “a vegan”, I would have laughed. Yet here I am, and it’s great.”

I love Celeste’s long, flowy, crinkle skirt, one of my favourite colours! Her earrings and matching bracelet adds a California-style beach look.

This is her dog, Mambo. Cute, eh?

celeste3Happy birthday to a beautiful lady with a heart of gold!

God bless you Celeste!

❤ carmen


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Beauty is only skin deep, but health goes deep to the bones. Money can buy designer clothes, but it can’t buy health.
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24 Responses to California Girls

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  2. Geraldine says:

    Oh, and happy birthday Celeste. 😉


  3. Geraldine says:

    Celeste is the best! Looking so beautiful too. 🙂


  4. Mychael M. says:

    Nice tribute to a great lady! Beautiful photos. Happy Birthday, Celeste!


  5. sophiazerg says:

    Loved this! Lovely post. Happy birthday, Celeste! 🙂


  6. Happy Birthday dear girl :).
    I have known you through blogging world for few months now and the pleasure is all mine 🙂


  7. Happy birthday, Celeste!

    I’m lucky to have met Celeste in person when she and her hubby came to Seattle for vacation. I love hearing about how people discover veganism. I like how Celeste and her hubby started for health and added animal rights to their agenda. So many reasons to be plant-based!


  8. Mike Lince says:

    I, too, have been following Celeste’s blog. My wife and I also had the pleasure of meeting her and her husband in person on a recent trip to S. California, and I can attest to all your readers that Celeste is indeed a lovely woman, and also informative and influential. Her vegan lifestyle has helped to change our lives. Thank you for sharing a wonderful story about a most admirable person, my friend Celeste. – Mike


  9. Great post. I adore Celeste’s blog so it’s great to see her featured here!


  10. Angeline M says:

    I’ve just “met” Celeste and I’m plotting out the Vegan deal.
    Happy Birthday!!


  11. Vegan Adventures says:

    Blogging really is a beautiful thing! Bringing people from all over the world together and for ex-pats like me, creating a community of like-minded individuals to make you feel a little more supported in whatever it is you are searching for. 🙂


  12. Thanks so much to all of you for your wonderful comments!! I really appreciate it!! Celeste 🙂


  13. Great post, thanks for sharing all the information on your husbands diet. Definitely some food for thought!


  14. dan says:

    Celeste is a wonderful woman and her dog is really cute . They seem to understand each other perfectly. . .


    • carmen says:

      Ha ha! Yes, animals are quite remarkable and lovable!! They enrich our lives. I like how you’ve included your little dog in your recent photo shoot–so sweet!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      ❤ carmen


  15. diahannreyes says:

    Happy birthday, Celeste!


  16. I loved reading about Celeste’s story. I’ve been following Celeste’s awesome blog for quite some time but didn’t know exactly how she came to veganism.


  17. Lovely and informative post. Happy Birthday Celeste, you look marvelous! 😀 Fae.


  18. Reblogged this on and commented:
    I’ve met so many amazing people since I started blogging, and one such person is Carmen from Fashionable Over 50. Carmen is a lovely woman who’s grace and beauty defy age. Not only does she have a great sense of style, but she’s also doing her part to promote respect for animals. I’m touched an honored that she wrote a post about me. Thank you Carmen – you rock chica!!


  19. Bob says:

    Hear, hear….another two vegans and the ensuing health benefits and reduction in cruelty to animals…..hooray.


  20. Thank you so much for posting this lovely post for my birthday Carmen – you’re such a sweetheart!! I’m honored to be featured on your wonderful blog. I’m so glad we’ve connected – it’s a pleasure to be e-friends with you!! Have a beautiful day!! Celeste 🙂


  21. Lovely lady, Happy Birthday! Sara


  22. josepmbadia says:

    A great woman and enthralling story, it helps me to think that “want is power.” Thank you for discovering it to us, it is also really stylish.


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