The Big Apple

What’s better than going to New York City? Going to New York City … TWICE!!

departure This being my second time, I already anticipated the excitement from my first visit. I’m like a kid at Christmastime when I arrive at the airport. It’s always thrilling as the jet takes off and I look out the window in wonder, flying through white cotton candy like I’ve never flown before.

cotton candy clouds In just a little over an hour we landed in New York City!

welcome to New YorkarrivalJean had already arrived from Seattle and took me to a flea market in Harlem. Jacquie designs and makes exquisite and unique jewelry! Jean bought a lovely ring and will feature it in her blog soon.

Harlem flea marketWe hailed a yellow taxi to Candle 79 (a fine organic, vegan restaurant) and enjoyed a delicious dinner, served in style! The ambiance was magnificent!

Candle 79Taking a leisurely walk around Upper East Side and Harlem was more fun than an amusement park. 🙂 I love the architecture and old brownstone buildings!

Eastside nitrogen apartment Park AvenueA taste of wine at the Vintage Wine shop in Harlem and that ends a lovely day in Manhattan.

carmen tasting wineJean tasting winewine bottles wine bottles NYILoveNY

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10 Responses to The Big Apple

  1. nofearoffashion says:

    Hi Carmen, saw you at Fabulous after 40. Unbelievable you are 61 (I am 59 and a half). You are very good looking. And a good dresser. My compliments.


    • carmen says:

      Thank you, Greetje! Nice to meet you! I have seen you on Josep-Maria’s blog several times and admired you!! How fun that we meet again on FABULOUS AFTER 40!! I am actually 61 and a half 😉 Funny how when I was younger, women didn’t tell their ages or they lied about it and said they were younger than they really were. We have no problem telling our ages and even add the half year! Ha ha!!

      I’ll be seeing you on your blog!!
      ❤ carmen


  2. Bob says:

    Your enthusiasm enlivens your blogging so that the reader is transported on scene to share vividly your experiences. I’m sure listeners and viewers relate to Janet the same way.


    • carmen says:

      Thank you, Bob! I’m enjoying writing about my fashion hobby and activities. It’s nice to know there’s someone out there reading this! 😉

      I ❤ NY


  3. Suzanne says:

    So fun! I was there recently too.



    • carmen says:

      We met up with two other New Yorker bloggers. It was a blast!! I will check to see what you wrote about NYC, catching up on reading and blogging now.

      I ❤ NY


  4. josepmbadia says:

    Hi Carmen, I see you had it well in NYC, with Jean. I love buildings that excel in your photos. You look beautiful in the post, you look merry and happy. Hopefully more photos of the city.


  5. Loved your write-up. I feel like I was there with you. Oh, wait. I WAS! 🙂 What a great way to remember the day. We sure did a lot on your first day there (considering it wasn’t even a full day). I’m glad we had enthusiasm and energy to see all the sights during the trip. Fuelling our bodies with your nutritious and delicious smoothies every morning must have been the trick!


    • carmen says:

      Ha ha ha!! It was great to share this adventure with you!! You did a great job researching and organizing our trip like a pro! I loved how you took charge and made all the arrangements like a travel agent and tour guide!! We had so much fun!!

      Looking forward to reading your first post about New York! We sure have lots to write about such an exciting and magnificent city!

      I ❤ NY


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