Start spreading the news!

I’m leaving today. I wanna wake up in the city that never sleeps!! I’m flying to the Big Apple to meet up with Jeanofalltrades! We’re gonna be a part of the action; exciting days and magical nights!! Jean has made plans for us to go to some great vegan restaurants, a jazz evening at a night club and several interesting things to see and do. We’ll decide on a play, too.

I’ve only been to New York City once in 2005 and it was fantastic! I thought that would be my once-in-a-lifetime, but I have another opportunity to go. I’ve been saving my money for shopping! It’s not a place I want to live, but it sure is fun to visit.

Here’s my traveling outfit. I love peplum tops. I still remember my mom’s gorgeous, red peplum dress with black roses from the 60s and she had several peplum suit jackets with matching pencil skirts (wish I had them in my wardrobe).

This style is feminine, great for all body types from slim to fuller figures, it shapes us like an hourglass. I think it’s flattering for all women, and creates a shapely illusion for less-than-perfect figures (which most of us have!). Do you like peplum style tops and dresses?

peplum top 4 peplum top 1 peplum top 2 peplum top 3

Have you been to NYC?

❤ carmen

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16 Responses to Start spreading the news!

  1. Maccabros says:

    Looking pretty and I was in NY in 1987… have a nice time, dear…

    liebe Grüße und eine gute Reise


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  2. You look fantastic! I went to New York a couple of years ago and loved it!

    Best wishes


    • carmen says:

      Thank you Michele!
      It’s an amazing city with so much to see and do! The people are friendly and we’re enjoying the vegan restaurants in Manhattan and Brooklyn. YUM!!!

      I ❤ NY


  3. Katarzyna Migdal( Kodyra) says:

    You, My Friend, look so lovely, I can not believe my eyes. I would love to be a part of this wonderful group, just don’t have enough guts and very low self-esteem.
    Love your pictures,
    Kasia, Kathy, Katarzyna, Katherine
    Have been to Big Apple, and Love it too!!!!!


  4. I’m totally in love with you! ❤ very nice Carmen! ❤


  5. Have a fabulous trip Carmen! Celeste 🙂


  6. Have a wonderful trip! I would love to listen to a good life jazz music, Tell us all about it when you get back home. I like your outfit, great shoes! Sara


    • carmen says:

      Thank you Sara! I’m taking lots of photos and I’ll be blogging about NYC. I met Bill Murray today at the Brooklyn Flea Market!!

      My vacation in New York City is busy and full of action! I’m lovin’ every minute!! I’ll have to get some R & R when I get home! 🙂


  7. Bob says:

    Yes, we have been to NYC. Fortunately, we went up in the twin towers…sadly, nobody shall do so again!!! But the “spirit” of New York city prevails with its excitement….ENJOY and share with us.


  8. josep-maria says:

    I hope, with enthusiasm, your photos of the Big Apple. I love the peplum, you look beautiful with it. I love the combination of gray and black. I love the photos. The necklace and sandals are gorgeous. You look great in these photos, your hairstyle and your smile are gorgeous. It shows your enthusiasm for the trip.

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