Shades of Summer

lacy necklineSummertime and the living is easy! I love the shades of summer and mint has always made me feel cool and fresh like a summer breeze.

My dear friend Maggie recently returned from a trip overseas and brought me back this lovely tank top with a delicate, lacy trim around the neckline. It goes well with my off-white capris and I’m ready to relax on my Muskoka chair and smell the flowers.

It’s a good morning for catching up on some reading with a fresh banana/strawberry smoothie. Then I’m on my way to teach three dance classes this afternoon.

What is your favourite colour this summer?

mint tank top w/lace

Have a great week!!

❤ carmen


About carmen

Beauty is only skin deep, but health goes deep to the bones. Money can buy designer clothes, but it can’t buy health.
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8 Responses to Shades of Summer

  1. gracefully50 says:

    Hey gorgeous! Just stopping by to say hello.
    I agree with Maggie – you look great in any color!


    • carmen says:

      Hello Jeannie, so happy to hear from you!! I have been checking to see if you’re back, we all miss you, but it’s so sweet of you to stop by!! Thank you! I hope you are enjoying the summer!!

      Life is for living!!

      ❤ carmen


  2. josep-maria says:

    A lovely tee shirt, Carmen, that nice gift. I love this color so soft, and I love the lace detail at the neckline is very pretty. With the capri, and the beautiful sandals, you’re really cute.


    • carmen says:

      Thank you, Josep-Maria! I’m glad you like it. It’s casual but it’s best to wear casual outfits for dance classes. I love to dress up more, so I’m happy when I have opportunities to dress elegantly.

      Pura vida – life is good!!

      ❤ carmen

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  3. Maggie Li says:

    Your beautiful face and body goes with any color, love your smile.


    • carmen says:

      Awww thanks, Maggie!! I really appreciate your comments! You always look fashionable and charming!! I look forward to thrift-shopping with you!!

      Life is a dance!!

      ❤ carmen


  4. Love the top. The lace detailing looks so pretty! Thanks for sharing the photographs 🙂
    White is my all time favorite summer color, but I am hugely into bright and vibrant colors and prints all summer 🙂
    Do visit my blog as well :


    • carmen says:

      Thank you, Sarmistha!

      I love white and also vibrant colours! My problem is that summer is never long enough to wear all my summer clothes. The shops are already selling fall clothes. 😦

      I took a peek at your blog, you are a very fashionable and I’ll read more later!

      ❤ carmen


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