Rockin’ Grandmothers

They don’t make grandmothers like they used to! Today’s grandmothers are rockin’ – and I don’t mean in rocking chairs! We are active and have interesting lives. Pictures of my grandmothers do not look like this. Perhaps because they had a harder life and I must admit, my friend Sharon and I are pampered! We have a good life, which we are thankful for.

Sharon and carmenSharon has been dancing with me for many years; both in class and dance presentations. She is an elegant and beautiful lady. We both have two grandchildren (Sharon has another one on the way and I do say, she’s looking fabulous! – we are both in our 60s). We spent some time in her lovely garden before taking our grandsons for a swim.

in the garden 1My outfit cost $52 – I splurged on the black tank top $40, but I made up for that by buying the black and white capris for $4 and the shoes for $8 (both from thrift shops).

in the garden 2Catching up on our friendship and enjoying watching our boys (grandsons) play made for a delightful midsummer afternoon. This garden is the perfect place to relax.

garden benchgardenlittle pondflowersSharon served us refreshments when we got back from the pool; mango chunks, apple slices, almonds, ginger cookies, peanut butter on crackers and lemonade.

refreshments window frame

We had a grand time with our grandsons. Grandchildren are fun – much less work than having children and not as much commitment or responsibility!

One of God’s best inventions!

❤ carmen

About carmen

Let’s make the world a better place with compassion.
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10 Responses to Rockin’ Grandmothers

  1. Bob says:

    Such enchanting surroundings.


  2. Love those capri pants! Aren’t thrift stores the best!! Celeste 🙂


    • carmen says:

      Thanks, Celeste!
      You never know what you’ll find in a thrift store, always fun to treasure hunt (the only hunting I do and love!). I bought these capris last summer and when I went to a thrift shop the other day, I found the same capris again! I was tempted to buy them but I didn’t. lol

      Thanks for stopping by!
      ❤ carmen


  3. Crazydoglady says:

    I love your garden and can imagine children having fun playing and helping in it. I’m 54 this year and like you believe age is not relevant, it’s living that is important.
    Thank you for visiting my site, I really appreciate it.


    • carmen says:

      Thanks for your comment!!

      Sharon’s garden is like a private cottage in the woods!

      As they say, age is a number. It’s healthy, happy living that makes a difference! The Golden Rule ensures a happy life for all. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” What a peaceful world it would be if everyone did that. Compassion is the key!! What the world needs is more compassion! ❤

      With love and compassion,
      ❤ carmen


  4. josepmbadia says:

    That’s a lovely garden, a great place to develop friendship and caring for grandchildren. Gorgeous and healthy grandmothers, that’s a blessing for their grandchildren. You, as always, look beautiful with your look. A nice shirt and nice pants. You’ve got that I like the capri, you always look beautiful.


    • carmen says:

      Thank you, Josep-Maria! This garden is a lovely place and you would enjoy it. The trees keep it shady so it’s very comfortable to sit outside and enjoy the summer.

      Thanks for visiting!!
      ❤ carmen

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  5. That outfit is beautiful, and it looks like you had a lot of fun!


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