Do you wanna dance?

Here’s my latest video of a line dance I choreographed specially for beginners and parties.

Whenever I do parties, I make sure it’s an easy dance for everyone to join in, add some great music and we all have fun on the dance floor!

This is the E.Z. MERENGUE – 1 wall, 32 count dance (with or without a turn during the ‘rocking chair’ step).

You’ll find other dances I’m teaching in my classes on my DANCE PAGE.

I bought this pretty floral racer tanktop at Hollister two years ago, but with so many lovely summer tops, I only wear it once or twice in the season. Summertime is too short to get a chance to wear all my summer clothesΒ  *sigh*

Holister tanktop

Keep on dancin’ – you’ll have fun while keeping fit!!

❀ carmen


About carmen

Beauty is only skin deep, but health goes deep to the bones. Money can buy designer clothes, but it can’t buy health.
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4 Responses to Do you wanna dance?

  1. Bob says:

    Of course, I wanna dance!


  2. josep-maria says:

    The most fashionable dance teacher. How easy it seems to dance with you.

    Liked by 1 person

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