Fashion from Around the World

No matter where we live in the world, no matter our age or size, women love fashion. From time to time, I would like to include fashionable women from around the world. I found Sandra in Nigeria, she doesn’t have her own blog, so I’m happy she agreed to be my guest. She’s twenty years old and recently engaged!


Sandra looks chic in her black jacket with gold buttons on both edges. I love how she has added a pop of colour which frames her beautiful face.





pencil skirtThis is the outfit that caught my eye: vivid and feminine and I love her bold necklace and chunky gold bracelet. Her large hoop earrings ties in completing the circle patterns in her necklace and bodice.


Sandra looks stunning and has a beautiful smile!

Pura vida!!

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10 Responses to Fashion from Around the World

  1. Christa Haeussler says:

    Love that beautiful dress!!!!!!!!!


  2. Bob says:

    Yet another aspect to your literary style reaching out to encompass other people.


    • carmen says:

      Jean started her “Street Style” by including other people in her blog and she has had guest bloggers, including me. So, that started me featuring other women on my blog, and I have reblogged a few of Jean’s posts. The Internet gives us opportunities to connect and share our similar interests, for inspiration and ideas! Now, how to find more time? 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!!
      ❤ carmen


  3. Great style! I love the bold jewelry and headscarf in the second outfit but I also like the blazer in the first. Sandra completely transforms herself with her choice of clothes.

    I like that you’re showcasing style from around the world. It’s a great source of inspiration and a way to borrow other styles and it’s also a way to see that we are all similar too, despite coming from different places.

    Congratulations on your engagement, Sandra!


    • carmen says:

      I’ve always enjoyed your “Street Style” where you show everyday fashion of what people are wearing.

      So, that started me featuring other women on my blog, and I have reblogged a few of your posts. The idea of searching the world, since the Internet makes it possible and easy to do, has given me endless fashion resources!! Now all I need is more time!!!

      Pura vida, my dear! ❤


  4. Stunning women, lovely dress! Sara


  5. josepmbadia says:

    nice post Carmen, I like your attitude with others…


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