Women in white where are you?

All white is not just for brides. I love white; pure, fresh, crisp, clean, cool. Always a colour that’s in style.

Josep-Maria Badia featured women in white on his inspirational, fashion blog and I was happy to be included!

white 1 white 2white 3white 4Do you wear all white? If so, I would like to post a collection of white outfits in June and feature women in white. Please leave a comment and I’ll be in touch.

 ♥ carmen

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Let’s make the world a better place with compassion. https://fashionableover50.wordpress.com/ https://www.instagram.com/4thejoyofit/?hl=pl
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22 Responses to Women in white where are you?

  1. You look great! I love the the pop of colour you are adding with the shoes and the bag! Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your link, else I’d have missed this gorgeous post 🙂
    Would love my all-white look to be added to your compilation on june so leaving my link as a reminder 🙂

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  2. ronyshapira says:

    you look gorgeous, love the all white outfit with the touch of color in the shoes!

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  4. Closet Strategy says:

    Great timing, my white dress post is up! (I just love wearing white in the summertime…)

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  5. You look beautiful in all white, Carmen! White just means summer for me!
    And I love the style of your house.

    We still have very bad weather with lots of rain over here in Germany. A white outfit was on my plan anyway, I just have to wait for dry and sunny weather. If you are still interested, I’d love to share it then.

    Lady of Style

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you, Annette!

      Nice to meet you!! I’m so happy you will be my guest for Women in White!! You can either do a post on your blog featuring a white outfit and I’ll copy your photo to my blog with a link to yours. Let me know when you post it. Or you can send me your photo by email (I’ll send you my email if you prefer to do it that way). Either way, I’ll add a link to your blog!

      Hopefully, you’ll have some warm, sunny days soon!

      Liebe Grüße!!!

      ❤ carmen


  6. I do what Celeste does – white pants with bright top. I’ll try an all-white look for your collection. I’m always up for a challenge!

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    • carmen says:

      Great!! I’m happy that you’ll participate in my Women in White post! I’m on Pinterest now but I need to get a button for my blog.

      Pura vida!! ❤


  7. I wear white pants a lot, but usually with a bright colored blouse. My warm skin tone doesn’t look great when I wear white near my face. You, however; look wonderful in white. I love the pop of color with your shoes. Actually, I love those shoes. I’d love to know where you got them. Thanks! Celeste:)

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you, Celeste! I got the shoes at a Canadian store (The Bay) and they are made in Italy (fabric and non-leather) very comfortable! I had to do a pop of colour or I would have looked like a nurse. I also plan to do a post on shades of orange, so you could wear your oranges top with white pants or capris.

      Pura vida!!

      ❤ carmen


  8. gracefully50 says:

    You look beautiful in all white, Carmen! Clean, fresh and oh so chic!

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you, Jeannie! I really appreciate your comments!
      Josep-Maria put together such a lovely white ensemble with you, me and several other ladies in white!

      Have a fabulous week!
      Pura vida!!

      ❤ carmen


  9. Suzanne says:

    You look lovely in white. I stay far far away from it myself. It washes me out. I can’t wait to see your upcoming feature though : )


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  10. josepmbadia says:

    Carmen and white, a perfect and beautiful combination. Beautiful pictures, beautiful looks. I like your idea.

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    • carmen says:

      You have inspired me!! I love how you put together your fashion ensembles!! I would like to do that from time to time! I just joined pinterest today and I am following you!!

      Have a wonderful semana!
      Pura vida!!

      ❤ carmen

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