Snow in Spring

We’re still waiting for spring to arrive here in Ontario. The sun has made an appearance this afternoon after another snowy morning. Too early to shed the coats and jackets yet.

I get a lot of wear out of my Joe Fresh basic black coat.

Joe Fresh coat

This charcoal  gray jacket is one of my favorites.


I spent a little more on this BB Dakota double-breasted coat, but it’s worth every penny per wear!


How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?

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4 Responses to Snow in Spring

  1. josepmbadia says:

    Carmen, three beautiful proposals. Looks delicate and soft, as all that we you teach. I love the second, your style is very casual, but the other two I also like a lot. The first is more fun and the last one is very elegant. The weather in Catalunya, it’s a little warm, even some people go to the beach, but will return a little cold, but few days already. I have wanting to see your spring outfits.


    • carmen says:

      Hola Josep-maria!
      Thank you for stopping by to comment. I always look forward to your thoughts–you know so much about style. We both had fashionable mothers!
      I can hardly wait to wear my spring outfits and I hope you’ll like them!
      ❤ carmen

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  2. Maryanne says:

    Three great pieces, but I totally favor the last shot. And you look gorgeous, as always.
    The weather in NJ is still cold! But temperatures may rise later this week — one can only hope. We had a long winter that started with a horrible hurricane.


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