He is Risen!!


Risen indeedCelebrating the Resurrection

dance with streamersAfter a wonderful service, we enjoyed coffee hour. Here I am with my team, together we presented a dramatic dance, turning darkness into light.

DSC09990I have several gypsy-style skirts with ruffled layers that flare as I twirl. This one is uniquely dyed with shades of pinky-purple. I was happy to find a top that blended.

Easter dinner was spaghetti with tomato and veggie sauce, a delicious quinoa salad with chick peas and diced apples. The best part is not the food, but the company – family together: children and grandchildren, enjoying a wholesome meal and a happy day!

♥ Thanks be to God for His abundant blessings!!! ♥

Oh, a happy day!!!!
  Love and blessings to all!!!

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7 Responses to He is Risen!!

  1. Bob says:

    As always, you present with such elegance, radiance and joy …..your light shines so spontaneously for The Lord…your Spirit lifts the Spirit of each person with whom you share these events in life and in your blog…to paraphrase a post on face book not too long ago….”Satan must cringe when you get up each morning !” The pinky-purple tones are splendid.


  2. josepmbadia says:

    You are a very religious person, I see. Sure you’re a great person. Delighted to meet you.


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