Good Friday

Through the years it has been a pleasure to be invited to churches (of various denominations) to lead people in dance. Sometimes I am asked to do a solo dance and I choose songs that evoke the passion of my faith to praise God. This is called liturgical dance or worship dance and I interpret the words with movement. Sometimes I am asked to do celebration dance with a group. I involve my praise dance group that I teach on Monday nights or teach the people of the congregation.

journey to JerusalemThis is not a performance, it is a celebration! Everyone can dress in a festive outfit and wear a smile! I love how unique each one looks; beautiful, like flowers in God’s garden!

Here’s a snapshot of us taken last night, practicing for this evening’s Good Friday service.

praise danceCelebrating with dancing on this joyous occasion of remembering the Resurrection!

Good Friday

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4 Responses to Good Friday

  1. Bob Eberhardt says:

    Thanks for sharing the preparation for this celebration dance. Good Friday is good because the Resurrection follows and gives us our Christian faith.


  2. vonhonnauldt says:

    Thanks for dropping by nightlightblogdotcom and liking my post on “Good Friday.” May you have a blessed and joyous Easter indeed!


  3. josepmbadia says:

    I’d like to see you dance. sure you do great …


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