Fashionable Under 40

I was invited to my first Raw Vegan Dinner event by my friend, Cheryl. It was heartwarming to meet so many compassionate people (I’m guessing around 50, including men, women and children). The table was a delectable sight of colours, and looked as delicious as it tasted!

vegan mealIt was so appetizing to see all these good foods and NO carcasses of dead animals on the table!

vegan 3Glory stood out from the crowd, with her beautiful brown eyes and loving smile. A fashionable woman UNDER 40. She is a wonderful example of a healthy, lovely lady and listening to her story; I just had to take some fashion pictures of her, and share her story.

Glory 1Glory wore basic black which looked classy with her long, dark hair, tied back in a casual, low ponytail. A leopard print belt, fashion jewellery and tall musketeer boots completed the outfit.

Glory 2Glory’s story is an excellent example of a healthy, happy vegan lifestyle;

“I have been a vegan girl for almost 18 years now, and this lifestyle keeps blessing me over and over again. My health, my outlook on life, my relationships are so vibrant due to this simple, loving choice of Veganism. My health goal is to commit myself to a 100% raw vegan diet and compete in a fitness competition, and to expose to the fitness world the myth that animal protein gives you strength and muscle.

Glory 3I believe that choosing a vegan lifestyle helps clean not only your body of negativity but also your thoughts. Courage and love enter your mind instead of doubt and fear. I have been blessed with 3 amazing, healthy children; Dario 8, Gabriel 4 and Zaria 3. I was able to a have home births for all of them, each under 3 hours of labour. Gabriel was born still in “the sac” so no need to break any women’s water (yes he came out in a bubble of water) and Zaria was birthed with me standing on my own two feet, when her head came out I slightly turned her around and she opened her eyes and smiled at me with the rest of her body still inside of me.

Every women deserves to feel this kind of ecstasy, it’s empowering and loving and in turn the mother will pass these feelings on to her children, so that we all will have a brighter future. I have and will continue to choose Pro-Life, Pro-Love and Pro-Nature, my blessings are endless and I can truly say it all started with a high Raw Organic Vegan Diet.”

vegan 2

Bon Appetite!

❤ carmen

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Let’s make the world a better place with compassion.
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8 Responses to Fashionable Under 40

  1. Bob says:

    Why raw vegan diet….what about eating cooked beans, lentils, grains?
    Is Glory’s whole family vegan?
    Were there any men at the pot luck?


    • carmen says:

      Thanks for inquiring, Bob!

      People who eat raw, sprout their beans and lentils and grains. (I used to sprout alfalfa and want to start sprouting again.) There is so much to read and learn about the health benefits of eating raw. I’m mostly raw because I don’t like cooking 😉

      My goal is not to be 100% raw (I do want to be 100% vegan) I like eating homemade vegetable soup and mashed potatoes–I don’t think I can give that up!

      Glory’s brother is vegan (a good-looking, fit man with muscles!). I met him at the Raw Vegan Potluck.

      Yes, as I mentioned there were about 50 people; men, women and children at the dinner.

      Go vegan!! 🙂


  2. Kristi Enns says:

    Thank you for posting a wonderfully written blog about my stunning sister. She is not only beautiful inside and out she is inspirational to me and many who know her. Her healthy life choices are a great example. Her glow leads me out of many dark places. I feel blessed to have her as my sister. Your blog is a wonderful tool to allow women to hear just how valued they are. Thanks again and good luck in your vegan journey.


    • carmen says:

      Thank you, Kristi! I’m glad you stopped by and took the time to comment. I am very impressed with your sister and you are very blessed to have her for a sister. I’m sure she feels the same about you!

      Are you vegan, too?


  3. Great story. I love reading about people with compassionate lives. Veganizm suits her (as it would suit anyone). She is truly glowing. Beautiful, yes, but the true beauty she emits comes from within. From her health and her attitude. I believe it’s the courage and love that she wrote about. I can’t wait to hear about her athletic endevours. Oh, and the outfit is cute! Love the belt and boots.


    • carmen says:

      Thanks for encouraging me to seek out vegans in my area, it’s so uplifting! Finally, I can enjoy pot-lucks without having to look at dead animals on the table while I select my veggies and fruits or sit beside those who are devouring the flesh of animals (very unappetizing for me)!

      And thanks for getting me on the peaceful path of Veganizm!! I am so happy every day knowing I am saving an animal’s life and in the long term, people’s lives by not contributing to the destruction of the environment. PLUS … I am healthier for it!! ❤️


  4. gracefully50 says:

    Great story! What a lovely woman, and I love her attitude!


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