Little Red Dress

I believe inside every little girl is a dream to grow up into a princess; to wear an elegant, long gown that has a train which drapes on the stairs as she walks gracefully down a huge circular staircase to go to the Ball. Perhaps I read too many fairy tales as a child!

I didn’t get to wear a long red gown, but I had a chance to walk the Catwalk in a classy, little red dress. I absolutely loved the ruffled trim with one shoulder strap. I felt sassy.

little red dress

red dresses

Nanette – 60, Patricia – 48, carmen – 61, Faye – 47, Muriel – 74

And the winner is …

Cathy and Nanette

Nanette Jozwiak

Cathy Zehr (left) is the 2012 winner. Don’t they look fabulous in their gorgeous red gowns? Nanette is the picture of elegance, 6′ tall and rocks this stunning evening gown from La Creme in St. Jacobs.

Nanette is more than FABULOUS–she is an amazing woman with an incredible story that I will post on Thursday.

Congratulations to you, Nanette! Live your dream!


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8 Responses to Little Red Dress

  1. twinkletoes says:

    Do we now address you as “Princess”, “Sassy”, “Classy” or ……? Choices, choices, choices. I enjoy reading your blog.


  2. gracefully50 says:

    Wow! All the ladies are so gorgeous!
    Carmen, you’ve got my vote!!


    • carmen says:

      Thank you, Jeannie!

      We were like sisters, enjoying this special occasion together. We shared laughter and tears, and helped each other in the dressing room.

      ❤ carmen


  3. josepmbadia says:

    That is beautiful and elegant. Another inspiration for my blog.


  4. Wow! how inspirational to see all of these gorgeous women in red.

    You looked fabulous!



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