Little Black Dresses

What a night! The Red Dress and Tie Gala began with us wearing our little black dresses!

During the past few weeks we’ve all been working on our dance routines at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Kitchener. Last night was the BIG night (and after Audrey from Gemini Models introduced us while we walked the Catwalk for the very first time) we performed our dances! A variety of songs and dance styles (including some humour in the routines) made for a very entertaining opening act with a fabulous fashion show that followed after a delicious dinner was served to the guests.

These photos were taken in the dressing room. We had so much fun!!

Kudos to Patricia (far left AKA “Sandra”) for winning the People’s Choice Award!!

little black dressesEven though we all wore a LBD, each dress is different and as unique as the woman in the dress.

little black dresses 2

little black dresses 3Farida and me

little black dresses 4

The adventure continues this weekend at the Total Woman Show. I’ll be writing about it all week. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to be part of this amazing event!

Getting to know these beautiful women who exude the joy of living and the love of life is inspirational!

Meeting Audrey Wilson, Cathy Zehr and all the many others involved was a highlight!

Have a happy weekend everyone and join us if you’re anywhere near Kitchener, Ontario.


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6 Responses to Little Black Dresses

  1. josepmbadia says:

    The LBD is a beautiful piece and basic. It looks perfect. I’m preparing a post on the LBD, I can use the second photo quoting your blog?


  2. Bob says:

    Such a memorable evening!!!! “Memories are made of this……..
    I am honoured to have shared the evening with you and your hubby.


  3. gracefully50 says:

    You ladies rock! Beautiful!


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