Getting ready for Christmas means going to Rosa’s Beauty Parlor.

She decorates for Christmas with flair and style, creating a romantic ambiance while I relax and get my hair done.

My favourite part is having my tresses washed while I recline and enjoy the warm water, rich lather and heavenly massage!


I wore my pearl gray cable-knit sweater which I bought at American Eagle. It’s so soft and long, I can wear it with leggings or skinny jeans.

new hairdo

Baby, it’s cold outside! So, I’m wearing my warm, red winter coat from Banana Republic with my cheerful, red roses pashmina to brighten things up! I love neutrals, but too much gray and black on a gloomy day is rather dull.

red coat

Christmas Eve means enjoying a delicious vegetarian dinner with family, going to a wondrous, musical evening at a candlelight service, and celebrating the birth of Jesus together!

My little granddaughter

My little granddaughter

Christmas morning means having a leisurely brunch and relaxing, because we open our gifts on Christmas Eve, the traditional German way.

My new printed skinny jeans from American Eagle.

Christmas Day 1

skinny jeans 4sinny jeans 5









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7 Responses to Christmastime

  1. idebenone says:

    Or lions, as it is in this case. One of the things I love most about winter style is the sweaters. They can be cozy and warm and still be festive and ready for a cocktail. I love the sequins on this one. They make an understated lion picture that really doesn’t translate well here in the pictures. I wore this at home on Christmas Day while preparing our feast and enjoying time with family and friends.


  2. gracefully50 says:

    Hello gorgeous!
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! How I love love your printed jeans!!!!
    Wishing you a Happy & Healthy New Year!
    God bless!


    • carmen says:

      Thank you, Jeannie! I have three pairs of printed skinny jeans now. Would love to see your collection!
      I’m enjoying both the busy times and quiet times of the season!
      Wishing you and your family a New Year filled with God’s blessings!!!


  3. Jack says:

    I wish you a nice X-Mas Time and nice Holidays 😉 ! Beautiful Carmen! I realise that you are very creative ! You always have talent in Fashion and very good taste 😉 ! Love your new Look!


  4. josepmbadia says:

    Carmen, this post inspires tranquility and relaxation. Your words are beautiful. Your hair is lovely. You are beautiful and elegant in all outfits. The latest proposal, with printed jeans, is wonderful: nice, simple, youthful and fun. The pants are gorgeous and you are beautiful.


    • carmen says:

      Thank you, Josep-Maria! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!! Thanks again for posting my photo on your blog!! I enjoy looking at your blog but have not been able to leave a comment on it, I don’t know why it doesn’t work!

      Liked by 1 person

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