Dance Central 3

One of my not-so-secrets is that being a dance instructor, I keep in shape by dancing almost every day. Here’s a great way to do it at home and have a blast!

One night after company left, Jean and I got a little crazy with her new Dance Central 3! What a fun game, gotta get one, I know I’ll be hooked! Perfect for days I don’t go out dancing. So many great songs of various genres to choose from and dance to. Steps vary from easy to difficult, and fun to challenging routines. I can dance alone, when friends come over, or with online friends.

At the end of the dance routine, there’s a kinect picture you can choose to save. This technology is amazing!! Here’s Jean doing the Hustle.

Stay fit, have fun with Dance Central! Have you tried it?

❤ carmen

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2 Responses to Dance Central 3

  1. Bob says:

    I expect you won’t replace any dancing on a dance floor with Dance Central 3. May you dance forever.


    • carmen says:

      Dance Central is not a replacement for dancing on a real dance floor–but it’s a great supplement!! Kind of like vitamins are not a replacement for food. 😉


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