Street Walker

I miss dancing–I’m so used to dancing two to four hours a day. While on holidays, I have taken to the streets. This neighbourhood is fun to walk around and shops are within walking distance. It’s a bit like stepping back into the past with so many homes built in the 60s. Jean’s house is charming and she is decorating in mid-century modern style, with a touch of today.

Stopping at the mall where I bought my faux-fur collar knitted vest a few days ago. I will wear it on the plane. I have to wear everything I buy because I only have one little carry-on suitcase. There’s quite an art to this!

One reason I enjoy walking in residential areas is because I like surveying the homes; admiring the architecture and gardens, getting ideas. Hope no one is looking out their window wondering why I’m taking a picture of their house.

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6 Responses to Street Walker

  1. Bob Eberhardt says:

    Does your comment re dancing mean you have not been dancing during vacation!!!!!? If so, what are your withdrawal symptoms..haha…? You’ll just have to dance 4 to 8 hrs when you get back!
    Have you ever walked in our old neighbourhood built in the early 1900’s.?
    Janet has bought luggage to bring back purchases. Janet has mailed home purchases and/or excess packed items.


    • Carmen says:

      No “official dancing” by that I mean going out to dance. However, Jean has an Xbox and after writing this post, we played Dance Central 3–a very cool dance game that I will post about in the near future!!

      I would like to go for a walk in the old neighbourhood sometime, I’ll bring my camera, I’m sure there will be lots of interesting houses!


  2. gracefully50 says:

    Carmen – even walking, you look so put together! I’d be in my sweat pants and t-shirt.
    I’d love to know your secret to packing. I’m an over packer and usually end up buying an extra luggage to bring back my new purchase.


    • Carmen says:

      Thanks, Jeannie!

      I do have a secret when going to Seattle, I can wear my daughter’s clothes, jewelry and boots!

      When I travel elsewhere, I need to pack more, but I still try to plan my outfits to mix and match.

      I confess, too, I have had to buy a suitcase before to bring new items back. It always amuses me to watch all us humans lugging around our belongings at the airport. Animals lead a simple life as far as possessions go. Of course, they don’t need to wear clothes or use airplanes to get around. 😉


  3. josepmbadia says:

    Nice place to live in this neighborhood. On your way to walk and pose for photos can guess your passion for dance, you have great personal elegance. The all black today is a beautiful outfit and the vest looks great. Congratulations.


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