October Birthdays

Several of my friends had birthdays in October and it was a pleasure to celebrate with them. Last Sunday, I was invited to a birthday party held at the Bauer Kitchen in uptown Waterloo, Ontario – a restored felt factory with a decor using industrial steel and reclaimed wood, creating a unique atmosphere. This restaurant has friendly servers and vegetarian options.

Being a natural-born vegetarian since birth – my mother could not get me to eat meat, but that’s another story – I enjoy a variety of vegetables and fruits, nuts and grains. I have maintained my adult weight since I was a teenager (except during my three pregnancies) and have an abundance of energy. I attribute much of my health to what I eat. I can’t help noticing what some people put in their shopping carts, it’s a wonder they are alive – then again – is it any wonder that hospitals are filled with sick people, and cancer, diabetes and heart disease are rampant?! Please excuse my ranting! I wish health for everyone – without it, life is very difficult.

I’m wearing my highest stilettos – 3.75″ heels – perfect for sitting down, but no one can see them under the table! Best to wear them for sitting-down-occasions since they aren’t good for our feet and backs anyway!

A little too cool to eat outside on the charming patio in October.


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❤ carmen


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6 Responses to October Birthdays

  1. Bauer looks great! Let’s go next time I’m in Kitchener. I wonder if it’s related to the now-defunct Bauer shoe and sports equipment business…

    I love heels too but I alternate heights on different days to give my feet a break. I’d call these curb-to-café shoes. They look great, but you wouldn’t want to walk too far in them.


    • Carmen says:

      “Curb-to-café” perfect name for these shoes! It was an old felt factory, not sure about any relation with shoes and sports equipment but I can find out. We’ll go on your next visit.


  2. Bob Eberhardt says:

    Stilettos…..very stylish…..a foot and/or back injury would interfere with dancing ….you know that…..do be careful.


  3. josepmbadia says:

    Nice outfit, the skirt is beautiful. The shoes are spectacular, shame that they are not good for your back.



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