Autumn Camouflage

Nothing quite so invigorating as traipsing through the woods on a crisp, sunny autumn afternoon – except maybe dancing!

A perfect Saturday for me would be going for a walk in the morning, shopping in the afternoon and dancing in the evening!

I’m wearing my fancy pants (fair trade clothes made in Nepal). They are cozy, comfy and perfect camouflage for fall. They have all the colours of the forest and all the colours in the rainbow and all the colours of the wind!

Can you spot me?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Staying physically active – that’s an important ingredient for health and keeping youthful. We all enjoy various activities – what are your favourites to stay healthy and keep fit?


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11 Responses to Autumn Camouflage

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  2. Wow! Those are fancy pants! I love them. Perfect for fall — and eco-friendly too! I like the slide show you created.


  3. Bob says:

    To answer your question….favourite activities to stay healthy and keep fit…various forms of dancing.


    • carmen says:

      I concur Bob! Dancing has many flavours: line dance, square dance, round dance, cha cha, rumba, mambo, bachata, merengue, samba, foxtrot, slow fox, quick step, two step, hustle, jive and waltz … and the beat goes on!!

      I ❤ to dance!!!


  4. gracefully50 says:

    Carmen! What gorgeous photos! How about them pants! LOVE it!
    Have a great time in Seattle!


    • Carmen says:

      Thank you Jeannie!
      It won’t be as warm as where you are, but a nice change of scenery and best of all – I get to see my daughter and her new house!



  5. Bob says:

    Yes, I can spot you…you certainly add to the beauty of the scenery.


  6. josepmbadia says:

    I love this post, it’s beautiful. The scenery is wonderful and your outfit is great. The pants are spectacular and you combine them perfectly with the hat, jacket and boots. Autumn rides are one of the pleasures of life, the colors in the forest are magnificent.


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