A Sunny Sunday Stroll

I enjoy September. Gone are the humid, hazy days of summer and temperatures are pleasant. Autumn is on the way and I love the changing of the leaves as they turn gold and crimson. I still wear white and pastels, not quite ready for fall apparel because I haven’t worn all my summer outfits yet!

Sunday afternoons are perfect for a walk; whether wandering through the woods or a stroll in the park or promenading around a charming village with quaint shops.

I passed by a little boutique and found a new flower purse for my collection. I didn’t have a purple one so this bag was perfect!

Three little Boston Terriers were out enjoying a walk, too!

Arthur, Jewel and Gordon.

The Weathered Gate, where I bought my purse.

Have a happy September!!


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7 Responses to A Sunny Sunday Stroll

  1. Carmen says:

    Thanks Bob!! I do have a lot of clothes, but as for too many – depends on how much is too many? I suppose I have too many if I can’t wear all my summer outfits in one summer, but I prefer to think of it as summer is not long enough – lol.


  2. Bob Eberhardt says:

    Too many summer outfits OR not enough summer!!!
    Nice pictures,as always.


  3. Those cute dogs almost upstaged you! They’re adorable 🙂

    I like how you have a light, neutral outfit and a deep, dark purse. It makse the purse pop and grounds the whole look. I like September weather too. You can still dress summery, but it’s not as uncomfortable compared to hot, humid August days.


    • Carmen says:

      Lol – the dogs were so sweet!!

      Cooler days have arrived and I’m afraid some of my summer outfits (ones I didn’t get to wear) will have to wait till next year (or if we go to Florida again!). 😉


  4. josepmbadia says:

    Long time no see your posts. Welcome again. Your new bag is gorgeous, I like the color and shape. Your shirt is beautiful. A soft outfit.


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