Color Your World

I love colorful, pretty, unique purses, and they don’t have to match my shoes! They are part of my outfits and make fashion fun!! Small, cross-over-the-shoulder ones are handy to keep valuables: a camera and cell phone, or to go dancing to keep a tissue, lipstick, keys and money. I change my purses like I change shoes!

These are just a few handbags in my collection. Summer gardens are in full bloom and my purses are just as colorful!

Left: My daughter gave me the black heart-shaped purse for my birthday.

Right: I bought this hand-crafted bag (with a little silver elephant button) at Pike Place Market in Seattle.


When I need to carry more items, I have some unusual totes. The cat bag was bought in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario (designer is Laurel Burch). The ladybugs tote was gifted (hand-made by an artisan).

black tote with ladybugs

What kind of purses do you like?


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9 Responses to Color Your World

  1. Well, that is quite a collection. There is a theme to your bags: garden, I would say.
    Like you point out, your bags are as colourful as the flowers in the garden and some are shaped like flowers. And to finish it all, the black tote with ladybugs. I would not mind the yellow one. LOL
    I use bigger bags with little adornment as I am usually very outspoken with my clothes. And I don’t want my clothes, shoes and bags competing for attention.


    • carmen says:

      I agree, if the outfit is outspoken, then purses and accessories should compliment–not compete–with our clothes. I also have plain purses for that reason: black, beige, gray and white. All are fabric or light-weight faux-leather.


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  3. I love how varied your purses are. You have a floral theme going on with a lot of them but they’re all unique — just like real flowers are. I’m glad you like the heart-shaped purse I gave you. I know that’s a favorite motif of yours 🙂 I like the cat-themed one you gave me too!


    • carmen says:

      Thanks, Jean!

      Hearts are my trademark 😉 but I like flowers, too. We’ll be going to Niagara-on-the-Lake again – would you like a big cat tote?


  4. gracefully50 says:

    Carmen, they’re beautiful just like you! Great collection!


  5. josepmbadia says:

    I love your bags. I like the colors and shapes. The Niagara purchased is fantastic.


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