In memory of my brother John Czech

Today is Johnny’s birthday.
May 7, 1950 – December 1, 1968

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Let’s make the world a better place with compassion.
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8 Responses to Johnny

  1. jm says:

    The beginning of our friendship. I started badly, I admit. The post was too sensitive, too important, to introduce my request on it. I apologize again. Thanks for accepting my request, thank you for continuing to be my friend.

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  3. gracefully50 says:

    Hi Carmen,
    Big hugs to you sweetie.

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  4. josepmbadia says:

    Lady Carmen,

    I have a fashion blog:

    and Pinterest on board in mature fashion:

    I want to use any of your photos, I like your style. It would
    be a respectful use and citing this blog. You authorize me?

    Best regards.

    Josep-Maria Badia
    Tarragona (Spain)

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