Easter Monday

The Easter season has been a bittersweet time for me: having to move from a charming little home where I enjoyed the most spectacular view of my life!!! Losing a once-in-a-lifetime panoramic riverview, that was equally magnificent in every season, was very sad. No matter what time of year, the river was garbed in glory: the new life of sparkling spring, the splendor of summer, the breath-taking autumn colours of crimson and gold, and a winter wonderland with majestic crystal waters!

Watching wildlife from the bay windows was like watching a 3D nature show on a larger-than-life screen!! Swans swimming, eagles soaring, deer wading in the water, busy beavers at work and birds of all kinds sharing the abundance. My ‘peace’ of Paradise. I am preparing a slideshow to post.

Yesterday was filled with joy as we celebrated the resurrection of our Lord – Easter is the evidence and remembrance of just how much God loves us!!! ❤

How was your Easter?

❤ carmen

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5 Responses to Easter Monday

  1. jm says:

    The sad month. The output of the house from the river. The beautiful views, the wonderful memories. Everything will someday is a promise. Carmen in white, dancing Carmen, Carmen praying, the most wonderful Carmen.


  2. It is a gorgeous view. I’m glad you have the photos and memories. I’m looking forward to the slide show. I enjoyed staying as a guest in your room and waking up to sunshine and geese.


  3. Bob says:

    Beautiful pictures, cherished memories will always be yours…..what a difference in the view only a few hundred feet from our end …..


    • Carmen says:

      I am very glad that I have captured so many memories of my million dollar view!!! I am happy to share them and hope others will enjoy the ‘view’ in my blog.


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