Pretty Pink Flamingos

I love pink, any shade: pastel, fuchsia, dusty rose, cerise, bubble gum, coral pink, salmon pink. It’s a happy colour and although I may not wear all the various shades of pink, I especially love pink on flowers and flamingos.

What a delightful visit we had to the Flamingo Gardens in Florida – a feast for the eyes and a joy to my heart!

I stopped going to zoos many years ago because I believe animals should live in their natural habitat, to enjoy the freedom and life they were meant to live. They have not been put on this planet for our amusement in barred cages and circus rings, but rather for our enjoyment to see them in the wild.

The Flamingo Gardens is home to injured and rescued animals (hence, a joy to my heart!) with kind people who care for these creatures and provide a loving and safe environment for the unfortunate animals that have endured horrific situations. Whenever possible, they are released back into the wild after being treated and recovered. Unfortunately, many have permanent injuries and disabilities, and can no longer survive in the outside world. The sanctuary is now their permanent home with passionate caregivers to love them. Some of the stories are miraculous and truly amazing!!

Jean wore her gorgeous Flamingo sundress (which she wore as a skirt by pulling a pretty pink top over her dress) and matching pink shoes. She got a lot of looks and compliments, a most suitable outfit for Flamingo Gardens!

I wore my floral tank top, great camouflage among the lush foliage and beautiful blossoms of the botanical gardens.

Have you ever been?

If not, I hope you’ll put it on your list of places to visit!


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8 Responses to Pretty Pink Flamingos

  1. jm says:

    This post begins, the defending Carmen animals. The wonderful woman who defends all living beings. This blouse with large flowers, is one of the most beautiful you have. And yellow bag that I love. The capris are becoming your distinctive.


  2. Barb says:

    It’s interesting. This theme doesn’t show the comment box in an iPad, so I’m typing without being able to se any of it. Anyway, I love the stunning flamigos


  3. Bob says:

    Carmen….any acceptable zoos in your opinion….I think of city children and any people who would never see an animal besides pets…what about open (but contained) spaces….eg Lion Safari….the local butterfly Wings 0f Paradise or the butterflies at Niagara Pkwy….(I have not been to either one but I think they serve a valid purpose)…..we enjoyed the “aquarium” at I think it was Monteray….it was in California……certainly we enjoyed the penguin sanctuary of so many hundreds of hectares ,of natural environment except for the footpaths for people (penguins had the right of way if on or crossing the paths)….were the Flamingo Gardens completely natural habitat or were there footpaths ? I think I have misinterpreted the term zoo…..certainly I abhor animals caged in zoos as depicted by Jean…..locally, I have enjoyed walking the trails of Rare on owl prowls, spotting deer in the distance ,having a family of deer cross the trial 200-300 hundred feet away….natural habitat except that people have impacted on it….I’m sorry….I’m prattling on….certainly do enjoy your blog ….no doubt the flamingos enthralled your heart….we saw pink flamingos in the Galapogos ,as natural a habitat you can get but there is great concern ,rightfully so,about the impact of tourism….please do keep on blogging……Bob Feb 25, 2012


    • Carmen says:

      Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and respond with your thoughts, Bob! I will write more of my thoughts about the questions you raise, it certainly is an important discussion. Billions of dollars are spent on zoos, but it seems most are at the expense of the animals.


  4. Will certainly make a point to visit it someday!!


  5. I agree with your statement about zoos. I find them completely depressing. The animals are imprisoned for our enjoyment! How is that enjoyable? I appreciate animals in the wild where I can see how how they really live, and where they can be free.


    • carmen says:

      I’d rather see a squirrel, chipmunk or bunnies in the wild than a lion, tiger or elephants in cages! It’s like keeping animals in a jail, but they have never done anything wrong.

      I say cage or jail, because enclosure is a euphemism.
      Cage is anything that confines or imprisons; prison.

      Animals are not for entertainment, experiments or abuse.


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