Swap Shop

One of my hobbies is shopping. I have a passion for fashion and love bargains; my daughter Jean discovered the Swap Shop. It’s a huge flea market in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (the largest daily flea market in the world).

We found some great buys! (Confession: I don’t pack much when I travel because I know I will find things to buy.)

The first thing I noticed was the enormous drive-in screen – WOW!!! You can’t miss it!!  Jean has some amazing shots of it and other shadow shots.

Besides an overwhelming outdoor flea market, there’s lots more inside, plus a car museum. Jean and I both bought the same dresses (I love her style!). I will show them in another post.

The Festival Flea Market is another good place to shop for bargains, but look around before you buy. I bought a little purse for $20 and found the same one a vendor was selling for $15. I saw another purse I liked for $25, but kept looking and the found it for $15. It pays to shop around! You should go!

Do you like bargains?

❤ carmen

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2 Responses to Swap Shop

  1. jm says:

    Why did you spent to go shopping! Plus the two of your children, perfect day.


  2. I’m glad you discovered the Festival Flea Market. I bought a few things there. The Swap meet was interesting too. I can’t wait to style our matching dresses. I see you captured me in photography mode. Others got to see my pictures but you saw me taking them and snapped a shot – sneaky!


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