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The long drive home

I’m not fond of long distance driving, but stopping along the route for picnics and photo shoots makes it enjoyable. I love the scenery and enjoy my hobby of capturing the moments. On our way to Connecticut we stopped for … Continue reading

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Badlands – an adventurous day trip

It’s a wonderful world and we don’t have to go far to enjoy it! There are so many interesting places to go in Southern Ontario for taking fantastic day trips, such as … The Badlands, an adventurous place near Toronto … Continue reading

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Walking the line

This quaint building by the railroad tracks is in Cambridge, Ontario. There are so many interesting spots for photo shoots and I love photography. I love this little black double-breasted blazer. I wear it with long gloves when it’s cool … Continue reading

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The Olde Doon Mill

Yesterday felt like a pleasant summer day with temperatures in the 20s (Celsius, that is). I’m enjoying the last of the summer days immensely, it’s my most favourite time of the year! Not far from my home is the ruins … Continue reading

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Central Park NYC

Walking around New York City is an adventure. Although it’s a huge city, there’s nature and beauty all around: whether meandering through Central Park or strolling along the city sidewalks. My hot pink outfit, that I bought in Elora, was … Continue reading

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Elora Gorge – a walk on the wild side

The nature trails along the Grand River are extensive and here at the Elora Gorge the view is spectacular! Starting across the river from the Elora Mill Inn there are two abandoned factories. Little Folks Furniture company made children’s furniture. … Continue reading

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¬°Pura Vida!

Two simple Spanish words; words to greet, words to say when we part, an expression of enjoying life and being happy. What do they mean? Directly translated PURE LIFE but this phrase in Costa Rica has a much richer and … Continue reading

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Easter Monday

The Easter season has been a bittersweet time for me: having to move from a charming little home where I enjoyed the most spectacular view of my life!!! Losing a once-in-a-lifetime panoramic riverview, that was equally magnificent in every season, … Continue reading

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The Florida Everglades

This was my first time seeing the Everglades – a fascinating adventure I shall never forget! There’s always an image in our minds of places we have heard about and seen on TV, in movies or pictures, but when you … Continue reading

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Muskoka – A Picture Perfect Setting

If you ever have the opportunity to go up north (1 1/2 hours from Toronto, Ontario), Muskoka is a picturesque and adventurous place to visit. Anytime of year is beautiful but I love autumn the best and Gravenhurst has a … Continue reading

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